Thetford Seal Lubricant - 200ml

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Our Opinion:-

Thetford Thetford Seal Lubricant. essential to help maintain your toilets lip seal. This is the rubber seal that the blade sits in on your toilets waste holding tank. When you are emptying the water holding tank you can manually open the blade with the lever alongside. This Rubber seal stops the waste inside the tank leaking out and over time the rubber will dry out and become brittle. A messy and fiddly job to change, plus the messy dirty liquid that will spill out over you before you notice its leaking.

Regularly spraying the lip seal with Seal Lubricant will help maintain the smooth action of the blade and prolong the life of the lip seal.

This is a Silicone Grease so can also be used to lubricate door and window seals, Locks, Hinges , Awning rails, Bicycles etc.

 What the manufacturer says:-

A lubricant for the periodical care, protection and lubrication of seals, locks, hinges, awning rails, bicycles, etc. Thetford Seal Lubricant has been specially developed for our toilets and is absolutely safe to use.


  • Protects toilet seals from drying out
  • Helps toilet run smoother, longer
  • Spray on just about anything to prevent squeaking, creaking or leaking
  • Safe to use on plastics and rubber
  • Covers in one, light coat
  • Available in 200ml spray can


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