Company History


Odense Bomuldes Industries

The OBI brand originated in the city of Odense in Denmark (The O in OBI). The 'B' stands for Bomuldes (Cotton in Danish) and the 'I’ Industries or Company

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 OBI Camping was founded in the UK to sell OBI Tents, Awnings and Trailer Tents, the original owner being related to the directors of the Danish Manufacturing Company.

The company started trading in the front Garden of the original owner and company founder in Rhoose. (Better known as the home of Cardiff Wales Airport ). We were recently given an OBI Frame tent that was purchased in the first few days of the company opening in Rhoose.

Demand for its products saw the company move to larger premises in Cowbridge and in June 2015 moved to bigger and better premises on Vale Business Park, Llandow. Sadly, the original OBI Manufacturing Company no longer exists, having been swallowed up by Trio Awnings who have now also been incorporated into Trigano group. but many of the original OBI Manufactured Tents and caravan Awnings do. There was even an OBI Trailer Tent.

We regularly get e-mails and phone calls from people asking for parts and instructions for old OBI Products.Unfortunately, just before we bought the company the previous owner had destroyed lots of the old literature.
Unfortunately, with the change of shopping habits we have changed to become an online retailer which has helped to secure the future of the company.

 If you have any literature or Photos of OBI Tents, Trailer Tents or Awnings we would love to add some images to this page and build up a history of OBI Products.


Photos provided by Dr Ian R Smith who bought a OBI Korfu 1300 in 1976 for a touring trip through France to the Pyrenees. 


  Here it is in a field in France and Andorra in '76 (with Triumph Herald)


And here is the tent today, still fully functional in the owners garden


 1974 tent brochure