Thetford Grey Water Fresh -800ml

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Our Opinion:-

New Thetford Grey Water Fresh Concentrated:. Used in grey water tanks and pipework of Caravans, Motorhomes and Boats. Helps prevent odours and deposits forming in the waste tank and pipework. Add the recommended dose into the sink or shower-tray every time you empty your grey water tank. Dosage is based on the size of your grey water tank.  Grey water fresh will help prevent smells coming up from the waste pipes. In your home the sink and shower tray has a trap that prevents nasty smells coming up. Caravans, Motorhomes & Boats to not have a trap fitted, so there is nothing to stop the smells. You may also find due to the design of your leisure vehicle the waste pipes may hold grey water, be it because you are not on level ground or they have been fitted in a way that does not allow easy drainage. As you add Thetford Grey water fresh to your sinks or shower tray, it will run down and coat the pipes again helping prevent nasty odours.

NOT for use with Fresh water or Toilet waste holding tanks.

A Top tip to prevent odours is never to put Starch water (water left over from boiling rice, veg or potatoes) down the sink. This is the biggest cause of odours and once it is in the pipework or tank it is hard to get rid off. It only contains organic matter so poor it outside to water the plants.

 What the manufacturer says:-

Grey Water Fresh Concentrated: No more nasty grey water smells coming from your drains!

Concentrated, strong, effective fluid which prevents nasty grey water smells. Gives nasty smells coming from the drains no chance!


  • Reduces deposit formation in the grey water tank
  • Outstanding grey water odour control
  • Keeps the grey water longer fresh and clean
  • Odour free discharging of your grey water tank
  • Concentrated
  • 800 ml



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