Disadvantages of Canvas, Cotton, Polycotton

We've explained some of the advantages of Canvas tents BUT what about the disadvantages.

Advantages of Polyester Tents

1. Polyester Tents are lighter.

2. Polyester Tents dry quicker.

These advantages are ideal on small Backpacking tents and are the reasons Polyester was first used in tent design.

Disadvantages of Cotton Tents

1.   Canvas Tents are heavier. To offset this some manufacturer reduce the weight of the tent by including Alloy poles. Do bear in mind VANGO(®) make a range of Specialist Expedition tents called FORCE 10 (®)  the oldest and most popular of these are the Original Force 10 tents now called the Classic and made of Cotton, 1st produced over 40 years ago and still used today by expeditions, adventurers and youth groups due to the adantages Cotton offers.

2. Canvas tents need to ideally be pegged out to dry, this prevents shrinkage of the canvas. Not as necessary with Polycotton Tents.

3. If you touch wet canvas from the inside water will soak through due to capillary action. Easy rule to remember 'DO NOT TOUCH THE SIDES’, a good rule with all tents to prevent damage to the material.

4. Must be dried out thoroughly to prevent mould damaging the Canvas. As you have made a major investment in buying your tent, be it Cotton or Polyester so WHY would you pack it away wet.  Look after the canvas and it will look after you and last much longer than Polyester tent. Generally a polyester tent will give 4 or 5 seasons, we have canvas tents that are 40 years old.

Hopefully we have given you an insight as to the advantages & Disadvantages of both types of Tent. WHICH do you think will give you the better camping experiance.

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