Outwell Duratec "Do it yourself kit" 9.5 mm

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Our opinion:-

Essential for spares or repairing your damaged Fibreglass Poles. This Outwell Kit consists of Duratec or Durawrap Fibreglass Poles. A fibreglass pole with a durable outer coating. These are a more durable fibreglass pole used on some tents. So although they tend to be more resilient to breaking they do still break

Most manufacturers do not warranty fibreglass poles. The biggest problem with Tents & Awnings that have a fibreglass poled frame is they break. This can be the 1st time you use your tent or awning or after many uses. This can be while just pitching your tent or awning or as the result winds. The main issue with fibreglass poles is the hole in the centre of the pole not being central. This occurs during manufacture. This can cause the pole to split when pitching the tent as you put tension on the pole, if the central hole is off centre, there is less fibreglass in one direction and so a weakness in the pole. Depending on the position this weakness ends up when tensioning the pole, it can split , and is the biggest problem the first few times you pitch your tent or awning. Storm damage to fibreglass poles is self explanatory. 

A Broken pole is going to ruin your holiday, so always carry one or two spares and know how to change a pole. All you need is Junior Hacksaw to cut the pole to size. We have produced a handy guide to changing a fibreglass pole which is available on the following link Changing a fibreglass pole

What the manufacturer says:-

A replacement pole may need cutting to size. Due to the length of some original poles, two replacement poles may have to be used to replace a existing longer broken pole

  • Replacement for any 9.5mm Duratec pole
  • 11 sections of 65 cm pole
  • Shock cord
  • Pole endings for Locks and Ring & Pin system


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