Daisy Pegs

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  • Daisy Pegs
  • Daisy Pegs
  • Daisy Pegs
  • Daisy Pegs
  • Daisy Pegs
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Our Opinion

We have been working hard over the winter to cultivate the NEW Daisy pegs.

The Daisies come in a box of 20 with super strong stems allowing them to be used in hard ground. The Box even contains a special stem cleaner, other wise known as a peg cleaner.

Ideal for use with tents & awnings they create a nice feature and talking point, also the flat head design and bright colours should mean they are less of a trip hazard.

Each box comes with 20 hard ground Pegs and 40 Coloured Heads, you simply assemble the daisy using 2 heads per peg so you can mix and match the colour of your Daisy.

Add some fun to tent or Awning with a Box of Daisy Pegs

What the manufacturer says:-

 Our Daisy Pegs are a fantastic variation of standard tent pegs, with a perfect blend of both effectiveness and aesthetics. The individual boxes of this product contain 20 Pegs each in order to provide an further degree of stability of the tent/awning during poorer weather conditions, however at the same time, there are 40 Coloured Flower Heads which can be used to customise the aesthetics of the pegs in the way the customer wishes; with many different colours to choose from. On top of this, each box contains a Peg Brush Cleaner in order to help maintain a good condition of the pegs to further increase their longevity. As if this wasn't enough, there is a Robust Storage Box for the pegs in order to protect them and make them easier to carry around. For those with families, these are also the safest pegs we have to offer due their flat tops, therefore if you are to trip or fall on one, it is highly unlikely any harm will be caused from this.


  • 20 x Daisy Pegs in a box
  • 40 x Coloured flower heads
  • Peg Brush Cleaner on Box
  • Robust Storage Box




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