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Site Power Mobile Mains Hook Up 3 Sockets, RCD Protection

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Site Power Mobile 15m Mains Site Power Unit

The only safe way to use Electricity in your tent is to use a Camping Mains Hook-up Kit like the Site Power Mobile Mains Hook Up

with the 3 sockets installed horizontally ensuring you can easily use all 3 sockets without the covers obstructing the plugs.

Contains the same safety devices as your Household wiring to protect you and your family

Our opinion:-

Electrical hook ups are becoming an essential piece of your camping equipment allowing you to use some electrical equipment like toasters, Kettles (Most be Low Wattage and Not Standard Household kettles), lights and electronic equipment. All our Mains Kits meet electrical safety requirements, to ensure your families safety on site.

Site Power is a good value mobile mains kit and is the only safe way to use electricity in a tent. The unit meets all UK and European Safety Standards (IP44 Dust & Splash Proof & Conforms to BS EN 60309).

Built in RCD and polarity warning indicator. Easy access sockets rotated 90 degrees so all sockets can be used at the same time.Some similar looking kits from other manufacturers have the sockets fitted vertically, so the cable exit is from the bottom of the plug/transformer, like using a household socket. With this arrangement on the Mobile mains kit you find when you plug in to one of the sockets the cover on the next plug up or down gets obstructed and you struggle to be able to use the 3 sockets. This is especially a problem with transformer type plugs, typically used on electronic equipment or chargers. The main reason we stock and recommend this Kit is because the Manufacturers have installed the 3 sockets side ways so the mains lead exits the plugs horizontally. This allows the 3 sockets to be used with no obstruction to opening the cover and using all 3 sockets.

PLEASE NOTE:- The Manufacturer has changed the specification from a 20m lead to a 15m lead. The vast majority of website listing this Item are still incorrectly quoting a 20m lead which is incorrect. so before ordering elsewhere check the specification.

What the manufacturer says:-

Site Power is a 15m extension lead that plugs directly into the caravan or campsite mains power supply to provide you with safe electrical power throughout the day and night.

Featuring a polarity warning indicator, built in RCD surge protection/trip mechanism and three 13 Amp Electrical sockets (IP44 rated). With the addition of a Mains Conversion Lead the unit can also be used as an RCD protection extension lead around the home (See our listing for Site Power Unit & Main Conversion Lead - 222818016992)

  • 3 x 13 amp mains socket with RCD protection
  • Polarity warning indicator
  • 15 metre cable
  • Hanging hook
  • Securely attach the unit to a tent pole using integrated clips
  • Mains plug for plugging into the site post
  • IP44 dust and splash proof
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