Semloh 25m Mains lead

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Our Opinion:-

 Semloh Electrics has grown and developed over the past 20 years to become a key supplier of cable products and electrical accessories to the automotive, marine and leisure vehicle market. We stock these leads as they are UK Manufactured, to all relevant CE and BS Standards.

There has been an influx of cheap, generally Chinese manufactured mains leads, that do not comply to the British Standards, they can have undersized conductors and inferior plugs. This can lead to danger of overheating and possibly fire.

25m is generally the recommended minimum length for UK caravan sites, in Europe mains points are generally further apart and you may require a 10m lead as well.

TIP -Never leave the cable coiled up, as this will cause overheating. lay the cable out as straight as possible and if connecting a 25m and 10m lead protect the connectors from water/rain using a purpose made waterproof cover or wrapping in a plastic bag..

What the manufacturer says:-

25m of orange 3 x 2.5mm2 3183Y mains leads, fitted with 240v 16A Plugs and Couplers for connection from site outlet to caravan/ Motorhome inlet.

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