Full Awnings

Full Awnings

Full Awnings fit into the complete length of your caravans awning rail. They need to purchased in the specific size to fit your caravan. Your caravan handbook will usually state the size required for your make and model of caravan.

We would always recommend obtaining the measurements yourself and double checking your measurements against the manufacturers quoted measurements.

To measure your caravan, use a length of non stretchy string/guyline/cord. Feed the string through the full length of the awning rail on your Caravan and down to the ground level front and back of the caravan as shown in the diagram below. On modern caravans the front of the awning rail may sweep back to match the caravans body shape and there is usually a break out in the awning rail so you would measure the length as shown in the diagram.

Measure the length of string and using the measurement you can find the correct awning size from the manufacturers size charts. Each manufacturer uses a different letter or Number code that corresponds to the sizes of the awning so the required size code will very by manufacturer.