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Battery Chargers

Battery Chargers

The biggest problem with Caravan/ Motorhome leisure batteries is leaving them standing in the vehicle for long periods. This will result in them going flat/losing all charge. Once they have lost charge for a period of time they become damaged through a process called Sulfation. This damage reduces the charge the battery can then take or even stop it taking any charge.

Even in normal use with the Caravan/Motorhome charging the battery when you are plugged in to the mains on site or at home, you can still benefit from using a good quality Automatic charger that will monitor the batteries voltage and regulate the charge accordingly . The chargers fitted as standard by Caravan/Motorhome manufacturers tend to be just basic trickle chargers and do not monitor or optimise the Battery Charge to keep the battery in top condition.

We stock a range of 12v Chargers from basic trickle chargers to more complex chargers that will monitor the battery Voltage, condition and very the charge to ensure your Leisure battery is maintained to give maximum life.

WARNING:- A battery left deep-discharged for an extended period may develop permanent damage in one or more cells. Such batteries may heat up excessively during high current charging. Always Monitor the battery temperature during the first hour, then hourly there-after. Check for unusual signs, such as bubbling or leaking electrolyte, heightened activity in one cell compared to others, or hissing sounds. If at any time the battery is uncomfortably hot to touch or you notice any unusual signs, DISCONNECT THE CHARGER IMMEDIATELY AND EITHER GET THE BATTERY PROFESSIONALLY CHECKED OR REPLACE.