Thetford Aqua Kem Blue and Aqua Rinse Plus Twin Pack - 2 x1.5l

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Our Opinion:-

Excellent value Duo Pack. Contains 1.5l of Aqua Kem Blue and 1.5L of Aqua Rinse Plus. Probably the most popular Toilet Chemical, made by the people who make the most popular Toilets found in Caravans, Motorhomes, Buses & Boats as well as the most popular Portable Toilet the Porta Potti.

Aqua Kem has excellent odour control, does smell a bit chemically though and is safe for use with Standard Chemical Toilet disposal points, (NOT Septic Tanks). it helps break down the solid matter in the holding tank to make emptying easier.

Aqua Rinse Plus is used in the toilets top or flush tank, if fitted (Generally Motorhomes do not have a flush tank and use the water from the vehicles inboard water tank, so DO Not use an Rinse aids). It helps maintain the freshness of the Stored water in the Top tank and forms a slippery coating over the toilet bowl to help keep the bowl clean from deposits. It also helps lubricate the Blade and lip seal.

What the manufacturer says:-

Aqua Kem® Blue is a very powerful and easy to use toilet fluid for the waste holding tank which offers the best performance for your Cassette- and portable toilet. Actually, Thetford Aqua Kem® Blue is the #1 toilet additive for mobile toilets worldwide!


  • Outstanding odour control
  • Liquefies waste for easier tank emptying
  • Reduces gas build-up
  • 1 dose lasts up to 5 days

Aqua Rinse Plus combines performance with freshness. It enables a more effective flush and keeps the flush water clean. Enjoy a fresh holiday with Thetford Aqua Rinse Plus!


  • Forms a protective layer to block build-up and bacteria
  • Highly effective for a smoother flush
  • Improved formula keeps flush water clean
  • Lubricates the seals
  • Use safely on plastic and ceramic toilet bowls
  • Smells fresh long after flushing
  • Septic tank safe (Test ISO 11734)
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