Robens Wolf Moon TC 5XP - NEW for 2021

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  • Robens Wolf Moon TC 5XP - NEW for 2021
  • Robens Wolf Moon TC 5XP - NEW for 2021
  • Robens Wolf Moon TC 5XP - NEW for 2021
  • Robens Wolf Moon TC 5XP - NEW for 2021
  • Robens Wolf Moon TC 5XP - NEW for 2021
  • Robens Wolf Moon TC 5XP - NEW for 2021
  • Robens Wolf Moon TC 5XP - NEW for 2021
  • Robens Wolf Moon TC 5XP - NEW for 2021
  • Robens Wolf Moon TC 5XP - NEW for 2021
  • Robens Wolf Moon TC 5XP - NEW for 2021
  • Robens Wolf Moon TC 5XP - NEW for 2021
  • Robens Wolf Moon TC 5XP - NEW for 2021
  • Robens Wolf Moon TC 5XP - NEW for 2021
  • Robens Wolf Moon TC 5XP - NEW for 2021
  • Robens Wolf Moon TC 5XP - NEW for 2021
  • Robens Wolf Moon TC 5XP - NEW for 2021
  • Robens Wolf Moon TC 5XP - NEW for 2021
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Our Opinion:-

New for 2021.

The Wolf Moon TC 5XP is a Polycotton Aluminium framed tent. Using Robens proven Hydro Tex Ripstop Polycotton for the flysheet. We are big big fans of Canvas or Polycotton as a material for tents.

If you have camped recently you have more than likely camped in a Polyester tent. You will therefore have experienced some of the following. On a hot day the temperature inside your tent would have been unbearable hot. Even quite early in the morning when you are trying to sleep, it is too hot to stay in bed. On a Cold day or in the evenings as soon as the sun goes down, your tent would get cold very quickly. On a windy day, it sounds like you are sleeping inside a crisp packet. But by far the biggest issue with a Polyester tent is the Condensation. As Polyester is a manmade material and completely waterproof, it does not breath, so the condensation has nowhere to go. It just settles on the inside roof and walls of your tent and drips down onto the groundsheet or onto you.  Result is you feel damp, your clothing and equipment are wet, or damp and you spend ages mopping up the water from the walls and groundsheet. Most complaints about leaking Polyester tents are traced to Condensation.

Camping in a Canvas or Polycotton tent most of the highlighted problems do not occur. Canvas or Polycotton tents breath. Therefore, the air inside can escape through the fabric. This helps to regulate the temperature inside. They stay much cooler in the day then the sun is out and much warmer at night or on colder days. The Crisp Packet noise is also greatly reduced as the fabric is quieter when dry and when Wet has a unique trick. Cotton fibres as individual threads swell up when wet, but the sheet of fabric shrinks. This has the effect that any imperfections in the Canvas seal themselves, and stitch holes seal themselves but the whole fabric of the tent will tighten itself up and stop flapping about. This makes the performance of Canvas or Polycotton tents mush better and stronger in wet and windy conditions. Just the weather we get in the UK.

Now hopefully we have given you food for thought as to why you should look at investing in a Poly-cotton tent like the Wolf Moon TC 5XP.

The Wolf Moon TC 5XP uses Yunan Alloy #6061 Aluminium poles for give a lightweight yet robust frame to the tent.

The Wolf Moon TC 5XP features Robens triple layer windows. You can open the windows from inside the tent and change from a PVC window to a large mesh panel for ventilation. The windows feature privacy blinds. The front door also has a mesh panel for good ventilation and to help keep the bugs out.

With a nice sized front canopy to the front to give a rain safe, sheltered area for cooking or relaxing in the sun. The front door features an inner mesh panel to aid ventilation. The side doors also feature mesh panels inside and one of the side doors can be extended on optional canopy or King Poles into a sun canopy.

As previously mentioned, it has an easy to erect Aluminium frame. The Wolf Moon TC 5XP has a fully sewn in groundsheet and a 5-berth inner tent, that can be divided into 2 & 3 berth bedroom layout. The bedrooms feature a darkened fabric to help keep them darker. Being Polycotton this is useful as the temperature in the tent in the mornings will remain cooler once the sun is out. unlike Polyester tents where it is just too hot in the tent to stay in bed.

With the advantages of a Ripstop Polycotton fabric, easy erect Aluminium Frame and its rainsafe front door, this is an ideal tent for couples or a young family who want to really enjoy a comfortable camping experience.

What the manufacturer says:-

Sleeping five, the Wolf Moon TC 5XP uses HydroTex polycotton RS fabric to maintain a comfortable tent microclimate that’s perfect for warm climates. Rear and low vents control air flow enhanced by mesh panels behind the external doors, which open the tent for bug-free ventilation and great views out. A waterproof curtain with upper PVC panel backs the mesh window to balance privacy and air flow. Rain Safe side door and front porch protects access.


Robens Wind Test: The determination of the performance of a Robens tent in wind is based on the knowledge and technique available to Robens at the time of testing. During the test we register the maximum (MAX) speed impact a tent was subjected and the average (AVG) wind speed at which structural instability occurred. This may appear as a broken/deformed pole, or the collapse of the tent and subsequent return to shape when the wind drops. At no point was any form of catastrophic failure experienced up to the maximum wind speed.

 HydroTex® Polycotton RS fabric has been developed for our Airventure range and for the rigours of family camping. It maintains a stable internal micro-climate and allows water vapour to freely pass through while keeping out water. This tough, fast drying fabric is a 35/65 ripstop cotton/polyester mix with UV-inhibitors and a DWR coating finish to add longevity to the fabric.;


  • Breathable HydroTex® Polycotton fabric
  • Mesh in all doors for insect-free ventilation
  • Protected double rear ventilation to enhance airflow
  • Large porch area
  • Front skirts can be toggled back to create a full panorama view from the porch area
  • Preangled aluminium poles for enhanced head space
  • Alu buckles and tension handles on pegging corners
  • Strong nylon coil-zips on doors
  • Mesh roof in inner with curtain underneath
  • Mesh storage pockets in front of inner
  • Mesh pockets in the inner tents store small items safe and handy
  • Convert to a canopy using optional extra poles
  • Flysheet fabric repair patch included



Type of tent - Tunnel


Sleeps people -5


Rooms -2 bedrooms


Flysheet -HydroTex Polycotton RS, Ripstop, 65% polyester / 35% cotton


Pitching way -Flysheet first or as one


Inner tent -68D polyester 185T, breathable, 100% polyester


Floor inner -75D polyester Taffeta 185T PU coated, 3000 mm, 100% polyester


Weight -24.0 kg


Pack size -78 x 45 cm


Groundsheet -Polyethylene 10.000 mm, 100% polyethylene


Poles -Yunan Alloy #6061, T6, 9.5-19 mm, anodised


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