Robens Chinook - 2021 Model

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  • Robens Chinook - 2021 Model
  • Robens Chinook - 2021 Model
  • Robens Chinook - 2021 Model
  • Robens Chinook - 2021 Model
  • Robens Chinook - 2021 Model
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Our Opinion:-

Updated 2021 Model. Recently there has been a growing fashion towards Bell or Tipi tents. The Robens Chinook is a Bell style tent that will sleep up to 8 people. Featuring an A frame door to give protection from the rain when entering and exiting the tent.

If you have camped recently you have more than likely camped in a Polyester tent. You will therefore have experienced some of the following. On a hot day the temperature inside your tent would have been unbearable hot. Even quite early in the morning when you are trying to sleep, it is too hot to stay in bed. On a Cold day or in the evenings as soon as the sun goes down, your tent would get cold very quickly. On a windy day, it sounds like you are sleeping inside a crisp packet. But by far the biggest issue with a Polyester tent is the Condensation. As Polyester is a manmade material and completely waterproof, it does not breath, so the condensation has nowhere to go. It just settles on the inside roof and walls of your tent and drips down onto the groundsheet or onto you.  Result is you feel damp, your clothing and equipment are wet, or damp and you spend ages mopping up the water from the walls and groundsheet. Most complaints about leaking Polyester tents are traced to Condensation.

Camping in a Canvas or Polycotton tent most of the highlighted problems do not occur. Canvas or Polycotton tents breath. Therefore, the air inside can escape through the fabric. This helps to regulate the temperature inside. They stay much cooler in the day then the sun is out and much warmer at night or on colder days. The Crisp Packet noise is also greatly reduced as the fabric is quieter when dry and when Wet has a unique trick. Cotton fibres as individual threads swell up when wet, but the sheet of fabric shrinks. This has the effect that any imperfections in the Canvas seal themselves, and stitch holes seal themselves but the whole fabric of the tent will tighten itself up and stop flapping about. This makes the performance of Canvas or Polycotton tents mush better and stronger in wet and windy conditions. Just the weather we get in the UK.

As well as the Advantages of Polycotton with a Tipi Style tent like the Robens Chinook you also get ease of pitching, with just one central pole and the strength of the design in bad weather. The strongest shape for a tent is a triangle, and the Robens Chinook is a Conical shape basically a 360-degree triangle.
Being a Polycotton Tent you can instal a Wood Burning stove and the groundsheet can be unzipped around the area the stove fits to ensure you do not burn or damage the groundsheet, this is also ideal if you have wet/dirty footwear to ensure you keep the rest of your groundsheet clean and dry.

A Tent that will ensure you enjoy your camping experience, will stand up to the worst and best of the British Weather. The Robens Chinook is an ideal tent for Families, children especially love the Indian Tipi style design.

 What the manufacturer says:-

The eight-person polycotton Chinook uses an A-frame to turn the large door with windows and curtains into an extension that protects access to the ample living space. It features a mesh panel behind to enhance the insect-free ventilation provided by the Internal Apex Vent Control that is simply operated from inside. The groundsheet unzips to the centre alloy pole, enabling it to be rolled away to create a safe area in which to use the optional stove and store wet gear.
  • Breathable HydroTex® Polycotton fabric
  • Reflective guylines
  • Zip-off groundsheet
Technical specifications
  • Type of tent -Tipi
  • Sleeps people -8
  • Rooms -1 bedroom
  • Flysheet -HydroTex Polycotton, 65% polyester / 35% cotton
  • Pitching way -As one
  • Weight -20.2 kg
  • Pack size -85 x 31 cm
  • Groundsheet -210T Oxford polyester, 10.000 mm, 100% polyester
  • Poles -Alloy anodised 30.8-52mm centre pole / 25 mm A-frame

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