Porchlite 200, Porchlite 200 Air, Porchlite 260 & Porchlite 260 Air Steel Roof Pole Tension Kit

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Our Opinion:-

Optional roof support poles. An aid to tensioning your Awning, especially useful in bad weather to stop water pooling on the roof of the awning.

Fits into a sleeve on the awning.

What the manufacturer says:-

The Steel Roof Tension Pole Kit contains a set of extra steel poles, which are designed to slot into the internal roof pockets of our latest  Porchlite 200, Porchlite 200 Air, Porchlite 260 or Porchlite 260 Air lightweight awnings, helping to maximise the stability, rigidity and durability of these models throughout adverse weather conditions, whilst maintaining correct posture. Please note that these poles are designed specifically for a snug fit on these products and therefore are not compatible with any other models. They are not a necessity, which is why we have created them, as an optional extra, for customers who prefer to have peace of mind. We suggest that you remove these poles before packing away, as you would with any poles/tubes that are included with your product. Roll them up in the canvas when packing away for maximum efficiency.


  • Gives Further Stability, Rigidity & Durability.
  • Slot Into Integrated Internal Roof Pockets.
  • Help Maintain Correct Posture Of Your Caravan Awning or Drive Away Awning.
  • Designed Especially to Fit Porchlite 200Porchlite 200 AirPorchlite 260Porchlite 260 Air, Containing Additional Two Poles.




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