Outdoor Revolution Porchlite 260 (Poled) - NEW for 2020

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  • Outdoor Revolution Porchlite 260 (Poled) - NEW for 2020
  • Outdoor Revolution Porchlite 260 (Poled) - NEW for 2020
  • Outdoor Revolution Porchlite 260 (Poled) - NEW for 2020
  • Outdoor Revolution Porchlite 260 (Poled) - NEW for 2020
  • Outdoor Revolution Porchlite 260 (Poled) - NEW for 2020
  • Outdoor Revolution Porchlite 260 (Poled) - NEW for 2020
  • Shown with optional canopy poles
  • Shown with optional canopy poles
  • Shown with optional canopy poles
  • Outdoor Revolution Porchlite 260 (Poled) - NEW for 2020
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Our Opinion:-

New for 2020 Outdoor Revolution have reintroduced the Porchlite name. There is a strong demand for cheaper Porch awning and the Porchlite range is Outdoor Revolutions offering into the market. It meets the needs of Caravanners looking for a cheaper awning to use on short breaks at he beginning and end of season, when they do not want to erect there Full Awning or Air frame Porch Awning. A problem with Air Frame Porch awnings is the size and weight, as the Air Tubes are a permanent part of the awning, and they tend to be make from heavier fabrics making then heavier to slide into the awning rail and taking longer to dry out. A Lightweight Poled awning is easier to feed through the awning rail as the fabrics are lighter and the poles are separate to the main canvas. The lighter weight fabrics dry out quicker. They are therefore ideal for this purpose.

The Outdoor Revolution Porchlite is based on the popular one pole design the most popular of which is probably the Sunncamp Swift and most manufacturers do a version of this style of awning. Outdoor Revolution have added many features into the Porchlite, with mesh ventilation fly screen panels on the side doors, a large front PVC window gives lots of light and this is shut out at night with a zip up blind.

There is an option to add a roof support pole and rear pad poles (Optional accessories).

The fabric is a 100HDE High Density Polyester with a Hex embossed pattern and has a Hydrostatic Head of 3000mm

The front door of the Porchlite can be raised onto optional canopy poles to form a sun canopy.

Ideal for early and late season offering a lightweight easy to erect Porch awning that is good value for money.


What the manufacturer says:-

After popular consumer demand, we have reintroduced the Porchlite collection, our bestselling range of lightweight small family porch awnings, which has been specifically designed to be easy to pitch, featuring two ergonomic size options, with width variations of 200cm and 260cm, each of which are available in Pole & Sleeve or Oxygen Air Frame variants. The excellent value premium Porchlite 260 pole frame porch awning is the most popular size option on the market for mid-sized families craving more utility space from their touring arrangement. Designed with upper entry level features to appeal to caravanners craving practicality, reliability, simplicity, stylishness and ease of erection, to meet a budget; this is the perfect no-fuss touring solution for short weekends away that no caravan should be without!

The Porchlite 260 has been produced from an ultra-lightweight contemporary 100HDE High Density Fabric, which has been intricately woven to deliver especially lightweight and compact products, which pack away neatly into their inclusive carry bag, whilst maintaining strength and durability, making it perfect where weight or space limitations are of key consideration. This contemporary flysheet incorporates a 3,000mm² Hydrostatic Head Rating and fully taped seams throughout, meaning it is exceptionally waterproof, therefore rain will simply bead onto the surface, before rolling off. A lighter coloured roof material reflects heat to help maintain a more comfortable internal temperature. The workmanship/canvas hold a Twelve-Month Warranty against any manufacturing faults.

The fibreglass pole frame comprises an individual telescopic pole, which utilizes flexibly robust construction, in order to ensure maximum stability, longevity and durability, even throughout adverse weather conditions. We have further reinforced the rigidity of this model, using an additional steel roof tension pole, which slots into the central internal front roof pocket at one side, whilst the other side slots into a bracket pad on your caravan side; this can be found inside your repair kit. These poles attribute an extraordinarily light weight to the caravan awning, whilst being easy to erect for anyone, allowing the Porchlite 260 to be pitched within minutes!

Each expansive PVC window panel grants an excellent vista of the surrounding outside world, from the comfort of your caravan awning; these have all been partnered with patterned zip-in curtains, which can be zipped totally out to illuminate the internal living space during the day, or zipped fully in for complete privacy on an evening. The versatile front door panel can be held upright using our optional canopy poles to create a small sheltered front porch area, should you wish to. We have implemented a polyester draught skirt and polyester mud wall to trap heat inside your caravan awning, helping to maintain a more pleasant internal temperature.

We have introduced mesh ventilation fly screen panels in each side door for those hotter days, particularly when touring warmer climates, which assist in optimising internal air circulation, whilst keeping insects at bay. These are produced from our exclusive Phoenix Mesh; an assisted-healing ‘smart’ material, with the structurally incorporated ability to self-repair any ‘snag’ damage caused by consistent usage over time. Simply manipulated, the mesh will return to its original form.

This caravan awning comes complete with steel ground pegsrepair kitcoordinated grey guylines and attachment points to accommodate our Lumi-Link Tube Light Kit LED lighting system. Front extension canopy poles, a breathable awning carpet, a roof tension pole kit and a pair of rear pad poles can also be purchased as optional extras to complement the Porchlite 200.

There are two size options in this range to ensure compatibility with nearly every caravan on the market:

1)         Porchlite 200 – A Compact 200cm Wide Porch Awning, Intended as a Caravan Utility Extension for an Individual, Couple or Small Family.

2)         Porchlite 260 – A Small 260cm Wide Porch Awning, Designed as a Caravan Utility Extension for Mid-Sized Touring Families.



  • 100HDE Fabric - Ultra-Lightweight High Density All Weather Fabric, Which Has Been Designed to Pack Neatly Away Into the Inclusive Carry Bag.
  • 3,000mm² Hydrostatic Head & Fully Taped Seams Throughout - An Exceptionally Waterproof Canvas; Water Will Simply Bead Onto the Surface & Roll Off.
  • Fibreglass Pole Frame - An Individual Telescopic Fibreglass Pole, Which Has Been Designed to Ensure Flexibility, Longevity & Durability.
  • Crystal Clear PVC Windows -  Expansive PVC Window Panels, Granting an Excellent Vista of the Outside World, From the Comfort of Your Caravan Awning
  • Zip-In Curtains - Leaf Pattern Embossed Zip-Up Privacy Blinds on Every Window, Which Can Be Zipped Out to Illuminate the Internal Space or in For Total Privacy.
  • Phoenix Mesh - Mesh Ventilation Fly-screen Panels in Each Side Door, Produced from an Assisted Healing 'Smart' Material, Which Self Repairs Any 'Snag' Damage.
  • Zip-Back Side Doors - Side Access Doors for Improved Accessibility to Your Caravan & Awning. 
  • Polyester Draught Skirt - A Polyester Draught Skirt to Trap Heat Inside the Caravan Awning, Helping to Maintain a Comfortable Internal Temperature.
  • Polyester Draught Exclusion - A Polyester Mud Wall to Trap Heat Inside the Caravan Awning, Helping to Maintain a Comfortable Internal Temperature.
  • Zip-Up Front Door - Versatile Front Door Panel, Which Can Be Held Upright Using Optional Canopy Poles, in Order to Create a Convenient Porch Area.
  • Grey Guylines - Colour Coordinating Grey Guylines & Quick Adjusters to Firmly Secure the Caravan Awning.
  • Storm Strap Anchor Loops - Attachment Points For Our Optional Endurance Storm Straps.
  • Twelve Month Warranty - On the Workmanship & Canvas Against Any Manufacturing Faults.
  • Includes: Dual Action Hand Pump, Steel Ground Peg Set, Repair Kit & Lumi-Link Tube Light Kit Attachment Points.
  • NET WEIGHT: 9.8kg 
  • WIDTH: 260cm
  • LENGTH: 240cm
  • HEIGHT RANGE: 235cm-250cm
  • PACK SIZE: 79cm x 37cm x 31cm
  • HYDROSTATIC HEAD: 3,000mm² 
  • COLOURWAY: Graphite/Warm Grey


This awning has been especially designed and is perfect for touring use; it is not intended for seasonal or residential purposes.



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