Outdoor Revolution Oxygen Windbreak (3 Panel)

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  • Outdoor Revolution Oxygen Windbreak (3 Panel)
  • Outdoor Revolution Oxygen Windbreak (3 Panel)
  • Outdoor Revolution Oxygen Windbreak (3 Panel)
  • Outdoor Revolution Oxygen Windbreak (3 Panel)
  • Outdoor Revolution Oxygen Windbreak (3 Panel)
  • Outdoor Revolution Oxygen Windbreak (3 Panel)
  • Outdoor Revolution Oxygen Windbreak (3 Panel)
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Our Opinion:-

Introduced last year by another manufacturer, the Air Windbreak is now available from several manufacturers including this offering from Outdoor Revolution.

Quick and easy to erect, the Oxygen Windbreak is manufactured from Outdoor Revolutions 600HD technical high density Oxford weave Polyester, to match their range of Oxygen tents & Awnings and ensure a long life to what is a premium priced windbreak.

As with all Outdoor Revolutions Oxygen Air Awnings & Tents the valve is the Dynamic Speed Valve, which has many advantages over the older Boston Valves. The Dynamic Speed Valve is a high pressure valve derived from the marine industry, it has no screw threads to cross thread and is inflated or deflated by a simple press button. It can also be changed without the need for a complete new tube.

The Oxygen Windbreak can be attached onto your caravans awning channel and there is the option to add additional panels to allow the Oxygen Windbreak to be tailored to suit your requirements.

What the manufacturer says:-

The BRAND NEW Oxygen Windbreak is the most practical, flexible and innovative windbreak on the market for the new season. Joining Outdoor Revolution’s growing collection of exclusive registered designs; the premium five metre Oxygen Windbreak three panelled inflatable windbreak has been designed to effectively deflect wind for up to five metres around your touring arrangement, whilst featuring a coordinated design to complement the contemporary aesthetic of our latest caravan awnings, drive away awnings and family tents. This windbreak can be infinitely extended, as much as you desire, using our Optional Zip-On Panel Sections. Each section is flexibly hinged, enabling you to adjust the configuration of the windbreak to suit your personal preference. We have situated an upper window panel on each section, allowing you to retain an excellent outlook of any surroundings, whilst relaxing behind the windbreak. This windbreak can be attached to your caravan, using our Optional 6mm Kador Strip.

The Oxygen Windbreak is produced from a premium high performance 600HD technical high density Oxford weave, which provides the aesthetics, tactility and resilience of a traditional canvas material, whilst retaining extraordinarily lightweight properties, balancing the usability of man-made fibres and tactility of natural fabrics; this creates a refined sense of luxury and vital weight/space saving benefits. Our 600HD Polyester has a Hydrostatic Head Rating of 6,000mm², meaning it is exceptionally water resistant and water will simply bead onto the surface, before rolling off.

The Oxygen Air Frame remains the quickest, simplest and most reliable inflation system on the market, with no adjoining pipes/taps spoiling the immaculate lines of our stunning designs, comprising our single point inflation high pressure oxygen air frame tube technology on each panel, which can be inflated/deflated effortlessly through each Dynamic Speed Valve.


  • 600HD Canvas Material -  A Premium Traditional Feel All Weather Water Resistant Polyester Weave.
  • Registered to Outdoor Revolution - Another Exclusive Design for Outdoor Revolution.
  • Oxygen Air Frame Panel System - Ultra-Sturdy Single Point Inflation Oxygen Air Frame Tube on Each Panel to Ensure Ease of Erection.
  • Dynamic Speed Valve - The Quickest, Simplest & Most Reliable Inflation/Deflation Valve on the Market.
  • PVC Window Panels - Three Small Clear PVC Window Panels, Granting an Excellent Vista of the Outside World, From Behind Your Windbreak.
  • Flexible Hinged Sections - Allowing a Broader Range of Configuration Adjustment Options.
  • Optional Extra Sections - Purchasable Zip On Panel Sections Available to Infinitely Extend the Windbreak as Much as You Require.
  • Optional Extra 6mm Kadar Piping - 6mm Kadar Piping Can Be Purchased to Permit Caravan Attachment.
  • Coordinated Design -  Premium Design to Match 2020 Collections of Caravan Awnings, Drive Away Awnings & Family Tents.
  • Two Size Options: One Section (ORBK0100) & Three Sections (ORBK0105).
  • Includes: Dual Action Hand Pump, Reflective Guylines, Adjustable Pegging Points & Heavy Duty Mud Wall.


  • PANEL LENGTH: 166.6cm
  • PANEL HEIGHT: 140cm
  • WEIGHT: 5.6kg
  • PACK SIZE: 67cm x 46cm x 44cm
  • SIZE OPTIONS: One Panel (ORBK0100) & Three Panel (ORBK0105)


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