Coleman 70QT Xtreme® Cooler

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Our Opinion:-

We are big fans of Coleman Extreme Coolers. With most supermarkets selling bags of ice Extreme coolers have grown in popularity in the UK. 

The Advantage of an Extreme Cooler is the fact they use no energy source. Simply by using ice cubes or ice packs. We recommend Ice Cubes. These cool-boxes will keep ice and therefore your food cold for up to 5 days, depending on the model.

Developed and used extensively in the hotter climates of South Africa and America, where the high temperatures and humidity stop compressor fridges and Thermoelectric cool-boxes working efficiently. 

We recommend using ice cubes and filling the coolbox as full as possible filling up all the cavities between you food and drink. We would advise putting you food in plastic containers and also freezing some cartoons of Milk and juices to help supplement the Ice.

Extreme coolers generally feature a drain plug and you simply open the drain plug once a day to remove and melt water.

As these cool-boxes use no power they are ideal for camping or supplementing your Caravan or Motorhome fridge.

  What the manufacturer says:-

This stylish Coleman Xtreme® 66 litre cooler is filled with Polyurethane foam insulation which will keep the contents cold on ice for up to five days. 

Created with two ergonomically designed fold down handles this cooler is ideal for long road trips, days spent with the family and festivals. 
Along with a drain plug in the base to remove ice melt, the robust hinged lid has four beverage holders built in and is strong enough to be used as a seat for up to 113kg.



  • Capacity: 66L
  • Ice retention: up to 5 days ice
  • Weight: 6.1kg
  • Inner dimensions: 61 x 30 x 33cm
  • Outer dimensions: 72 x 40 x 44cm
  • Robust lid with four beverage holders
  • Easy clean top
  • Drain plug to remove ice melt



Feature Highlights

  • Additional Premium PU Insulation

    Unlike other manufacturers, Coleman rigid coolers are insulated with Polyurethane insulation (PU). PU is a very dense and an excellent insulator filling the entire internal cavity of the cooler, leaving no air gaps and so improving its insulating efficiency.
    Extensive testing at Coleman has shown that cooling loss from rigid coolers is 30% through the top and also 30% through the base. Coleman's latest models feature increased insulation in these particular areas together with reduced insulation on the sides. The result of these changes is not only improved cooling performance but the reduction in exterior dimensions and the increase in internal volume.
    A New Shape and Increased Efficiency
    When a cooler comes in contact with a warm floor, heat is transferred directly from the floor to the cooler and reduces the cooler's efficiency. Coleman has included shaped feet into the design of its newer rigid cooler models separating the cooler base from the floor and increasing airflow. This flow of air acts as an additional form of insulation, slowing the transfer of heat from the floor and so improving the coolers performance. Additional research has also resulted in the rounding of the cooler’s corners, once again this change of shape has increased airflow and further enhanced their performance.


Increased Efficiency

When a cooler comes in contact with a hot floor, heat is transferred directly to the cooler. If the cooler is lifted off of the ground, the heat is transferred through the air in the gap (air is a great insulator). Cooler have two integrated, rounded feet providing the perfect amount of space for air to flow.

 Research indicates that the most performance efficient shape for a cooler is spherical, as this is not practical we have angled the corners of selected models to further enhance performance.


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