Campingaz Twister® Plus PZ

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  • Campingaz Twister® Plus PZ
  • Campingaz Twister® Plus PZ
  • Campingaz Twister® Plus PZ
  • Campingaz Twister® Plus PZ
  • Campingaz Twister® Plus PZ
  • Campingaz Twister® Plus PZ
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Our Opinion:-

The Classic Campingaz single burner stove updated to operate from Campingaz CV Disposable gas cartridges making it much safer to use than older Stoves that used pierceable gas cartridges..

Pierceable cartridges can’t be disconnected once they’ve been plugged into an appliance. They are potentially dangerous as if installed incorrectly or the appliance is faulty, the cartridges once pierced just release all the gas. Due to this inherent danger there is new legislation for this type of gas cartridge. The Cartridges must now meet the new EN 417:2012 standard and contain a valve that prevents all the gas escaping. It does not totally seal the cartridge, but reduces the flow of gas escaping.

 The Twister Plus PZ stove uses Campingaz CV300+ or 470+ disposable cartridges. These contain a valve that allows the cartridge to be safely removed from the stove when not in use. CV cartridges are therefore a much safer option than the Old pierceable cartridges and appliances that use them. The Scout Association and other youth groups have now banned the Use of Stoves and Gas appliances that use Pierceable gas cartridges.

Relatively lightweight at only 274g. The Twister Plus PZ also features piezo spark ignition, so no matches required.

Being made by Campingaz this is a good quality product. Boiling time is under 4 min for 1L of Water.

What the manufacturer says:-

A compact, single burner stove ideal for easy transportation and storing during outdoor pursuits. Featuring piezo ignition for instant ignition wherever you are. The Twister Plus PZ runs off Campingaz CV valve cartridges which can be quickly and easily connected or detached – even when they are not empty.

Featuring wide pan supports to increase stability and a heat screen to protect the control knob during use, the Twister Plus PZ is also fitted with Campingaz Easy Clic technology for effortless, one click connection every time.


  • Heat screen to protect the knob
  • Power: 2,900 watt
  • Boil time: 3min 45sec (1 litre)
  • Runtime: > 1h 10min on CV300 Plus > 2h on CV470 Plus
  • Weight: 274g


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