Westfield Outdoors Performance Omega 400 - New for 2017

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  • Westfield Outdoors Performance Omega 400 -  New for 2017
  • Westfield Outdoors Performance Omega 400 -  New for 2017
  • Westfield Outdoors Performance Omega 400 -  New for 2017
  • Westfield Outdoors Performance Omega 400 -  New for 2017
  • Westfield Outdoors Performance Omega 400 -  New for 2017
  • Westfield Outdoors Performance Omega 400 -  New for 2017
  • Westfield Outdoors Performance Omega 400 -  New for 2017
  • Westfield Outdoors Performance Omega 400 -  New for 2017
  • Westfield Outdoors Performance Omega 400 -  New for 2017
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Our Opinion:-

 New for 2017 and building on the success of the Carina Awnings last year

 As one of the most well-known and respected companies in the outdoor furniture industry, Westfield Outdoors GmbH is recognised as a Quality Brand all over Europe for its camping & caravanning products such as: Tents, Awnings, folding tables, chairs, cabinets, stools, footrests and more. 
They are known for innovation as well as the durability, and comfort of its products, with many patented features. Including in its design features is the option to add a single inflation system to the awning. With a quality 300D ripstop fabric with a 6000mm HH and Westfields Anti weather system with additional weather panels sewn into the awning to help keep the weather out and other features to help guide rain water away from zips and windows.

The Performance Omega 400 also features Westfields innovative single inflation system, so the whole awning is erected from one inflation point, but unlike other single inflation systems the Westfield Advance Air System 2 can be removed to convert the awning back to a multi-inflation awning or used as a Multi-inflation awning if this is your preference or there is a problem. The Single inflation kit is normally an option but is included with the Performance Omega 400.

A well designed awning with lots of features some not found on other Awnings.

 What the manufacturer says:-

This is the top of the range air awning that has everything you need and more. The awning is styled just like a traditional awning so much so you will find it hard to believe it is an air awning. It combines the classic good looks of a traditional awning with the ease of use and new technology of an air awning in one perfect package.
The awning features the brand new amazingly strong Hydrotech XT pro material which gives you unrivalled strength and helps ensure your awning lasts for years. You get the brilliant new Advanced Air System 2 which gives you single inflation from the start. You also get the excellent high specification bravo pump making it easier to inflate than ever before. You also get storm poles included there are no hidden extras here you even get a veranda pole giving you more options than ever before. It can also be extended with 1 or 2 annexes allowing you to increase the living or storage space if required.

HydroTech XT Pro
This is a brand new 300D material which is unlike any other. First of all it is stronger than all of its counterparts. It has a higher tensile strength than standard 300D ripstop material. It is the strongest 300D material available today. It is woven in a completely new way making the final material stronger than previously possible.
Next it is thread dyed rather then woven and then dyed. This means each individual thread has been dyed before it is woven together usually the material is first woven together and then dyed as it is easier and cheaper but this material is dyed and then woven. It allows more dye to penetrate the material and each thread gets completely coated allowing for a better and longer lasting colour.

Advanced Air System 2
The Advanced Air System 2 AAS2 is a next generation air tube system. It has been created to give you the benefits of both a multi-inflation system as well as the ease of use of a single inflation system.
The system uses 4 layers for strength and stability. It has the internal bladder which is the part that you inflate. You then have a dual layer protective cover that has a PE and polyester covers bonded together that adds protection and increases stability. The PE layer of the protective cover is also reinforced at the stress points giving it extra strength and stability. You then have a sleeve which is sewn into the awning which adds a final layer of protection and stability. This not only improves the protection around your air tube as well as the stability of the awning as the tube is held in position better.
The advanced air system goes one step further than its rivals by giving you the option of multi-inflation or single inflation as well as making it easier and quicker than ever before. No longer do you have to choose between single or multi-inflation you can have both and use whichever is better for you.
This single inflation system can be inflated by any of its independent valves giving you the maximum of flexibility and in the event of a failure you can simply just remove the affected tube and the system reverts automatically to an independent tube system.

AntiWeather System
The antiweather system is not one item but a host of improvements and updates that gives the awning better weather protection.
There are additional weather panels sewn into the canvas at points where the weather could get in. This panel is P.U. coated on both sides and taped on both sides giving you better weather protection.
There is additional guttering on external windows with zips which add extra protection against the rain.
All tie back points or pockets that are sewn in are made from 100 waterproof PVC rather than standard webbing material. Standard material can soak water up and eventually lead to leaks the waterproof PVC simply does not.
  • Advanced Air System 2
  • Single inflation
  • Hydrotech XT Pro Fabric
  • AntiWeather system added protection
  • Quick and easy to erect
  • Removable front and side panels making it lighter and easier to feed though your awning channel
  • Keep dry pegging system
  • Veranda style front panels
  • Extra wide easy access doors
  • Rear pole and pads included
  • Veranda and storm poles included
  • Reflective storm straps
  • Storm strap tidy pockets
  • Front canopy
  • Huge clear view windows giving unrivalled views
  • Built in ventilation
  • 2 Full ventilation side windows
  • Internal black out blinds
  • Draft skirt and wheel cover
  • Premium high volume easy to use bravo stirrup pump
  • Quest LED lighting strip ready
  • Comes with premium wheeled carry bag
  • Can be extended with one or two annexes
  • Fabric: Hydrotech XT Pro
  • Mud Skirt: Hydrotech XT Pro
  • Windows: Super clear transparent foil
  • HH: 6000 mm
  • Awning Rail Height: 235 - 250 cm.
  • Width: 400 cm.
  • Depth: 260 cm.
  • Packed: 116 x 43 x 40 cm.
  • Weight: 32.5 kg.

Optional Extras

  • A0084 : Performance Annex 1 or 2
  • A1008 : Annex Inner tent
  • A1066 : Breathable flooring
  • A1030 : Performance Windshield Pro Main Unit
  • A1031 : Performance Windshield Pro Extension Panel
  • A1032 : Performance Windshield Pro Door Panel


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