Wastemaster Economy- FREE Heavy Duty Cover (Worth £9.99)

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Our Opinion:-

New for 2019 the Wastemaster Economy is manufactured from Recycled Plastic making it more environmentally friendly. The Plastics used are slightly thinner than the original Wastemaster and it comes with a 2 year warranty.

Designed and manufactured by the same company that make the Aquaroll Fresh water carrier F L Hitchman. The Wastemaster Economy is designed to collect the Grey water from you caravan or Motorhome sinks and shower. It is designed to also double up as a trolley. This is mainly to allow you carry your Toilet waste tank to the sites disposal points at the same time. It is supplied with Bungee cords for this purpose.

The shape of the Wastemaster Economy gives 2 options in use. If used under a motorhome or your waste pipes are located under your Caravan, some continental vans use this system, there is a filler cap fitted near the top of the narrow section of the Wastemaster so it will slide under the motorhome or caravan to position the filler below the waster pipe. If used with a caravan with waste outlets on the side of the caravan, you direct your waste pipes into the filler cap on the wider part of the container, near the base and the narrow section of the Wastemaster Economy can be slid under the Caravan to make it a smaller profile sticking out from the van.

As with all F L Hitchman products the Wastemaster Economy is well made and all parts are available as spares. The Main filler caps are the same size as the Aquaroll.

What the manufacturer says:-

The new Wastemaster ECONOMY is manufactured in the UK from recycled, polymer material, has thinner container walls compared to ORIGINAL PREMIUM Wastemaster.

We are very confident of the quality of our product we are offering a FREE 2-year Container Guarantee for all all FL Hitchman Wastemaster ECONOMY products. Product registration must be completed at the time of purchase

The Wastemaster allows the user to conveniently collect and dispose of grey water from any caravan or motorhome. Along with our industry leading Aquaroll, the Wastemaster has become an essential accessory for caravans and motorhomes. Along with the Aquaroll, the Wastemaster is manufactured in our factory in Shropshire. Each Wastemaster is hand trimmed to ensure a quality product which is built to last. Every Wastemaster sold comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s container guarantee.

Key features of the Wastemaster are:

  • Manufactured from Recycled Polymers
  • 2 Year container guarantee.
  • 38 litre capacity.
  • The unique shape gives good balance.
  • Wheels and axle easily removed for cleaning and storage.
  • Take waste water and toilet cassette to disposal.
  • Wide wheels to spread load on soft ground.
  • Carry platform for toilet cassette etc... luggage elastics included.
  • Dimensions: 355mm x 1000mm x 160mm
  • Product Weight – 4.5kg approximately




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