Vango Wilderness Mini Dragon

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 Our Opinion: -

 The most important sleeping bags to get right are your Children’s.

 Most campers make the mistake of buying the cheapest lowest specification sleeping bag for the Children. We feel this is a big mistake. If an adult is cold during the night they will generally put a blanket over the top or add extra layers when they go to bed or during the night. If young Children are cold during the night, they generally just do not sleep. Result tired, unhappy children.

 Be ensuring your Children are warm and cosy, they sleep better, so you and they get a good night’s sleep.

 A child’s bag should be the correct length your child, ensuring they fill the bag, not leaving lots of spare space, that needs to be warmed.

The Vango Wilderness Mini Sleeping bags are Fun Character Sleeping bags that your children will love to sleeping in, but still have the technical features to ensure a warm and cosy nights sleep.

These are Mini Sized sleeping bags for Toddlers/children up to 80cm in Height

What the manufacturer says:-

 The Wilderness mini sleeping bag range. Quality and affordability, and will deliver excellent value for money. This stylish range offers a
wealth of features, double layer of insulation for extra warmth. The wilderness Mini is ideal for your little ones first camping adventure,
to keep them cosy and comfortable.


  •  Off-set double layer construction - Off-set seams prevent cold spots at the stitching lines
  • 100% polyester 190T Pongee - A soft to touch microfibre fabric that is wonderfully cosy, snug and breathable
  • Flat head rest - Extended area is provided around the head for extra comfort. For safety regulations there is no drawcord closure
  • Insulated zip baffle - Retains heat within the sleeping bag and reduces cold spots
  • Zip guard with anti-catch piping - Helps to prevent the zip from snagging on the lining, allowing easy opening and closing
  • Mummy-shaped sleeping bag - Tapers from the shoulders to the foot. Reduces pack-size and increases thermal efficiency
  • 210T microfibre polyester - A soft to touch microfibre fabric that is wonderfully cosy, snug and breathable


  • Pack Size L31.0 x H39.0 x W15.0cm
  • Performance 2 Season
  • Suggested Usage Max 15°
  • Suggested Usage Min 7°
  • Max User Height 80cm
  • Int. Length 95cm
  • Ext. Chest Width 60cm
  • Int. Chest Width 58cm
  • Int. Foot Width 38cm
  • Weight 0.9kg
  • Zip Side Twin
  • Fill Type Synthetic




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