Trigano Activ Rinse 2L- Made by Thetford

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Our Opinion:-

A Good Value Toilet Rinse, for use with Chemical Toilets that have a top or Flush Tank. Use in the top or flush tank to help keep the flush water fresh and stop the built up of Black deposits. Helps lubricate the toilet blade and lip seal and forms a protective film in the toilet bowl to help keep it clean

Made for Trigano by has all the benefits of Thetford Aqua Rinse Plus

What the manufacturer says:-

Manufactured by Thetford, the economical Activ range has the same advantages as the Thetford Aqua products, use similar dose, but are effective for a slightly shorter period.

  • Use 70ml per 10 litre of flush tank capacity. Provides a more effective flush and keeps the flush water fresh.
  • Leaves a protective film in the bowl that prevents deposits from forming
  • The lubrication action makes the blade of the waste holding tank easier to open and close


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