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Powerbox® Plus 36L 12v electric cooler

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  • Powerbox® Plus 36L 12v electric cooler
  • Powerbox® Plus 36L 12v electric cooler
  • Powerbox® Plus 36L 12v electric cooler
  • Powerbox® Plus 36L 12v electric cooler
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Our Opinion:-

New for 2017

Campingaz redesigned the Powerbox last year. The Powerbox Plus 36L  will operate from a 12v Cigarette lighter socket whilst travelling and can be operated directly from a 230V socket outlet at home, in your tent, caravan, motorhome or hotel room using the FREE Mains Adaptor we are including. The Powerbox 36L will cool to an impressive 22˚C below the ambient temperature.

The Powerbox has an Antimicrobial Liner, to help stop mould and Mildew so reducing any unpleasant odours.

Good insulation and insulation in the lid help maintain the temperature and the Powerbox 36L cools to 22˚C below the ambient temperature. 

A well designed Thermoelectric cooler from a Top brand, with better than average cool.

NOTE: Thermoelectric cool-boxes work differently to Fridges. They maintain a Temperature below the ambient or air temperature. They do not maintain a steady temperature like a Fridge. In the case of this Cool-box it will maintain a temperature 22˚C degrees below the Ambient Temperature. so if the air temperature is 22˚C the cool-box will maintain a temperature of 0˚C.

 What the manufacturer says:-

The Powerbox® Plus 36L electric cooler is packed with 30% more premium insulation than its predecessor. When plugged into electricity via a transformer, Powerbox® Plus 36L keep content 22°C below the ambient temperature. The improved and very quiet fan emits a maximum of 39 dB, that won’t wake you up at night!

 The power cord and plug can also be easily removed and conveniently stored inside the cooler during non-use. Cooler Powerbox® Plus 36L has antimicrobial lining that comes from a chemical additive injected into the plastic within the liner. With a new and modern shape built from strong and thick polypropylene this cooler stay cool for hours even when unplugged.


  • Thicker and improved PU insulation
  • Integrated feet to elevate cooler from ground and create an additional insulation layer of air
  • Rounded edge design for modern look and for bringing food closer to the centre and the utmost cooling performance
  • Firmly locking lid
  • Noise reduced fan
  • Capacity: 36L
  • Fit: 10 x 1.5L bottles
  • Insulation: PU
  • Features: locking lid that “clicks” on close, antimicrobial liner resists odour, mould & mildew, locking side handles for 36L, modern Campingaz look and design, assembled in Italy
  • Insulation performance (+/- 1°C): 22⁰ delta versus outside ambient temperature
  • Weight: 4.8kg
  • Dimensions (LxHxW): 55 x 35 x 41 cm


1 -Thick, Premium PU Insulation

Tests show that cooling loss is 30% through the top and 30% through the base.

 New models feature increased insulation in the lid (Icetime Plus Extreme & Powerbox Plus) and base, and reduced insulation on the sides, resulting in smaller exterior dimensions yet retaining interior capacity and performance.

 We uses polyurethane, the highest quality insulation material available on the market - utilizing up to 30% more insulation.

2 - Antimicrobial Liner - Resists Odour, Mould and Mildew

Antimicrobial effect is obtained from an additive which is melted down into the plastic before it’s moulded into the liner. This means the antimicrobial layer is “there for life” and cannot be scratched off or weaken over time.

 - Resists mould and mildew growth

- Blocks unpleasant odours from developing


3 - Hinged lids and wide lid opening

Hinged lids fit snugly into the case, while the bail-style handle snaps perfectly behind, making the cooler compact for easy transportation. Cooler opens wide at the top, to make filling quick and easy.

 Lid is also designed at the perfect angle, so the cooler won’t fall backwards whether it’s empty or full.

4 - Locked and sealed

Cooler is designed with a lip on the lid, which locks perfectly into the case for a secure seal. Our click and lock system emits a reassuring “click” when you shut the lid, so you know the cooler is firmly sealed!


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