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Powerbox® Plus 24L 12v/230v electric cooler - Latest Model A++ Rated

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  • Powerbox® Plus 24L 12v/230v electric cooler - Latest Model A++ Rated
  • Powerbox® Plus 24L 12v/230v electric cooler - Latest Model A++ Rated
  • Powerbox® Plus 24L 12v/230v electric cooler - Latest Model A++ Rated
  • Powerbox® Plus 24L 12v/230v electric cooler - Latest Model A++ Rated
  • Powerbox® Plus 24L 12v/230v electric cooler - Latest Model A++ Rated
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Our Opinion:-

Campingaz redesigned the Powerbox in 2017 and introduced this 12v/230v model. The Powerbox Plus 24L 12/230v will operate from a 12v Cigarette lighter socket whilst travelling and can be operated directly from a 230V socket outlet at home, in your tent, caravan, motorhome or hotel room. it features 3 modes of operation via a rotary selector switch. This allows it to be used in NIGHT Mode which reduces the speed and so the noise from the fan. Used in Max Mode of Maximum cooling in the day and warmer weather. In ECO Mode the Cooler has slightly reduced cooling but uses less power to give the cooler an A++ energy rating. The Powerbox can also be turned OFF without the need to unplug the cooler.

The Powerbox has an Antimicrobial Liner, to help stop mould and Mildew so reducing any unpleasant odours.

Good insulation and insulation in the lid help maintain the temperature and the Powerbox cools to 19˚C below the ambient temperature. 

A well designed Thermoelectric cooler from a Top brand. With its built in transformer there is no need to buy a seperate mains

NOTE 1 : This Coolbox is fitted with a Battery guard circuit built into the 12v Supply lead. This will switch off the 12v supply to the coolbox when it detects a drop in voltage to protect your battery. This is to ensure that you can still start your car. It is therefore common that when used in your car the coolbox will switch off when you turn off the engine or if used with a leisure battery in your caravan or motorhome and you are NOT on a mains hook up the coolbox will again switch off to protect the battery.
NOTE 2: Thermoelectric cool-boxes work differently to Fridges. They maintain a Temperature below the ambient or air temperature. They do not maintain a steady temperature like a Fridge. In the case of this Cool-box it will maintain a temperature 19˚C degrees below the Ambient Temperature. so if the air temperature is 22˚C the cool-box will maintain a temperature of 3˚C.


What the manufacturer says:-

The Powerbox® Plus 24L 12/230V active cooler operates off a 12V car plug-in or a 230V electrical outlet (both cables included), combined with the high performance injected PU foam, the cooler will keep contents at 19˚C below the ambient temperature.
It features a control dial with 4 modes, allowing you to choose the performance and efficiency level. The cooler can be turned off by putting the dial on “OFF” mode without the need to unplug the cord. To reduce the noise level of the fan switch to “NIGHT” mode, and for an efficient, yet environmental friendly operation, the “ECO” mode can be used, giving an A++ energy rating. “MAX” mode is available for the ultimate cooling performance. Assembled in Italy.
Inhibiting the ability of microorganisms to grow, cooler features an Antimicrobial Liner, a powerful protection ensuring resistance to mould and mildew growth inside the coolers and it also blocks unpleasant odours from developing.
  • Capacity: 24L
  • Fit: 8 x 1.5L bottles
  • Features: Thick, premium PU insulation, runs off a 12V car plug-in or a 230V wall outlet, built in transformer, four mode adjustable cooling performance, locking lid that ‘clicks’ on close, antimicrobial liner, overhead bail handle, assembled in Italy
  • Insulation: PU
  • Insulation performance (+/- 1°C): 19 degrees below ambient temperature
  • Weight: 3.6kg
  • Outer dimensions (LxHxW): 40.8 x 42.3 x 32.3 cm
  • Inner dimensions (LxHxW): 32.8 x 31 x 24.3 cm
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