Outdoor Revolution Flex 2

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  • Outdoor Revolution Flex 2
  • Outdoor Revolution Flex 2
  • Outdoor Revolution Flex 2
  • Outdoor Revolution Flex 2
  • Outdoor Revolution Flex 2
  • Outdoor Revolution Flex 2
  • Outdoor Revolution Flex 2
  • Outdoor Revolution Flex 2
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Our Opinion:-

An easy to pitch Air Frame tent. With its Green & Orange colour scheme giving the Flex 2 a technical look.

Featuring a single inflation air tube to quickly erect the tent. The detachable inner tent features a sewn in groundsheet and Phoenix Mesh Ventilation Fly Screen to aid ventilation.

The Flex 2 features a fibreglass pole on the flysheet to give additional headroom to the porch.

With a 3000mm Hydrostatic head and good ventilation the Flex 2 should stand up to the best and worst of British weather.

Offering good value for money the Flex 2 is ideal for festivals, car & Motorbike touring or Solo/Couples camping.

What the manufacturer says:-

Pack lighter and travel further with the lightweight twin-skinned Flex two berth family tent, designed for impromptu nights away and easily stored in the boot of your car, weighing just four kilograms. The luxurious microfibre polyester inner tent can accommodate up to two average adults, but is also an ideal partner for the independent adventurer. This model is incredibly easy to erect, as a result of its single inflation point air-frame, making it perfect for immediate pitching when backpacking, hiking, or attending festivals. The bright green outer shell, highlighted with a ‘pop’ of orange, gives a technical look to this simple, yet effective design. The Flex is superb value for money, providing additional shelter from the elements and the freedom to explore!

The super lightweight 100HDE fabric is specifically engineered to deliver our lightest possible products, allowing remarkably small pack sizes when folded and effortless packing into its compact carry bag; perfect for activities where weight and space limitations are essential. This contemporary material features a 3,000mm² hydrostatic head and employs fully taped seams throughout, meaning it is exceptionally waterproof and rain will simply bead onto the surface, before rolling off. A lighter coloured roof material reflects heat to assist in maintaining a pleasant internal temperature. The workmanship and canvas incorporate a one year warranty against any manufacturing faults.

The Oxygen Air-Frame is the quickest, simplest and most reliable inflation system on the market, with no adjoining pipes or taps spoiling the immaculate lines of our stunning designs; comprising our single point inflation high pressure ‘Dura Tech’ oxygen air frame technology, a fibreglass roof stability pole and the Boston Valve. Inflation is rapid using the pump provided, whilst swift deflation is available at the unscrewing of the Boston Valve. The Oxygen Air Frame has been quality controlled, to ensure optimal performance.

The breathable clip-in two berth micro-polyester inner tent provides a luxurious sleeping area, accommodating up to two average sized adults; this is produced from a cool grey fabric, meaning it is much dark in colour to help cut out on exterior light, helping you attain a deep, cosy, and uninterrupted sleep by nature. We have strategically positioned spacious pockets in the inner tent, designed for conveniently storing any footwear, books, valuables, and other items you may require close at hand. A PE groundsheet has been fully sewn-in to this bedroom for added convenience. The bedroom features 360°ground ventilation points, in order to maintain a consistently pleasant internal temperature and through flow of air.

 We have implemented Phoenix Mesh, an assisted-healing ‘smart’ material, on the front door of the inner tent, with the structurally incorporated ability to repair any snag damage, generally caused by usage over time. This is inspired by biological systems, which have the ability to heal after being injured. By gently manipulating the mesh around the damaged area, it will return to its original form.

The Flex is complete with reflective detailing to enhance visibility and make your pitch easier to locate. It is packed with steel ground pegs, a double action hand pump, a handy repair kit, an instruction manual, and luminous high-visibility guylines.


  • 100HDE Reflective Polyester - A Technical High Visibility Material, Designed to Deliver Lightweight & Compact Products, Which Maintain Strength & Durability, and Pack Neatly Away Into Their Inclusive Carry Bag.
  • Dura-Tech Welded Single Point Inflation Air Frame - Fast Pitch Single Point Inflation Airframe Providing Effortless Assembly.
  • 3,000mm² Hydrostatic Head & Fully Taped Seams Throughout - Exceptionally Waterproof; Water Will Simply Bead Onto the Surface and Roll Off.
  • Boston Valve - A Simplistic Inflation Valve Enabling Quick & Reliable Assembly.
  • Bright Orange Guylines & Quick Adjusters - High Visibility Guylines to Reduce the Risk of Tripping.
  • Front Storage Area - A Convenient Small Utility Space Between the Front Door & Inner Tent, Which is Ideal for Any Shoes or Bags.
  • Fibreglass Roof Pole - Helping to Retain Unequalled Stability & Sturdiness in Adverse Weather Conditions.
  • Orange Trim - To Complement the Technical & Contemporary Aesthetic of the Flex 2.
  • Two Berth Inner Tent - An Airy Clip-In Micro-Polyester Inner Tent, Which We Have Designed to Comfortably Accommodate Two Average Adults.
  • Twin-Skinned Fabric - Maximising Durability & Longevity.
  • Reflective Finish - A High Visibility Material to Make Your Tent that Little Bit Easier to Locate After a Tough Day Exploring.
  • Ultra-Lightweight - The Tent Weighs Just 4kg, Making it Perfect for Backpacking or Festivals.
  • Sewn-In PE Groundsheet - To Increase Convenience When Pitching, Reduce Water Ingression to the Interior & Prevent Bugs From Accessing Your Living Area.
  • Phoenix Mesh Ventilation Fly Screen Door Panel - A Zip-Back Assisted Healing 'Smart' Mesh Panel On the Inner Door, Which Self-Repairs Any Snag Damage Caused by Usage Over Time, Maintains a Pleasant Through Flow of Air & Keeps Insects at Bay.
  • Inner Tent Pockets - Handy Spacious Mesh Storage Pockets Strategically Positioned Within the Inner Tent, For Placing Any Valuables Before Going to Sleep.
  • 360° Ground Level Ventilation - Various Low Level Ventilation Points To Enhance Air Flow, Reduce Humidity & Help Combat Condensation.
  • Complete with Steel Ground Pegs, Dual-Action Hand Pump, Repair Kit, Inclusive Carry Bag & Cable Access Point.
  • Lumi-Lite Attachment Points.
  • Zip-Back Front Door.


  • WIDTH: 220cm
  • LENGTH: 245cm
  • HEIGHT: 115cm
  • WEIGHT: 4.2kg
  • PACK SIZE: 54cm x 19cm x 19cm
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