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Outdoor Revolution Esprit 360 - FREE Roof Liner

£849.00 £499.00
(You save £350.00)

Outdoor Revolution Esprit 360 - FREE Roof Liner

£849.00 £499.00
(You save £350.00)
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Product Description

FREE Roof Lining worth £24.99

Our Opinion:-

 New for 2017

 Outdoor Revolution have introduced two new High-Density Polyester fabrics in the Esprit Caravan Awnings. The 600HD and Pro 800HD fabrics have the look and feel of more traditional canvas as you would find on traditional full awnings, but being polyester they are as easy to care for as a lighter weight polyester.

The Esprit features the 600HD High-Density Oxford weave fabric. This fabric looks and feels like a more traditional awning fabric, but is still lightweight and easy to care for.

The Esprit  also features a Outdoor Revolutions Lifetime warranty on the air tubes. They can do this as the Tubes feature there exclusive Intelligent frame pressure relief valve, so the tubes cannot be overinflated. this should mean the tubes should have no issues with rupturing. Since the introduction of the Pressure relief valve , we have notice a considerable reduction to problems with there Air Tubes.

The Large Tinted window and small skylights in the roof, give a light airy feel to the awning, and offer complete privacy due to the zip up blinds .The front panels are removable and the side doors both feature large mesh inner doors to help keep out the bugs. The Mesh used is another first from Outdoor Revolution, called Pheonix Mesh it is a Self healing mesh. This means that any minor snags or imperfections in the mesh can be manipulated back into shape.

With the 600HD fabric and the multi inflation tubes offering a Lifetime Warranty, the Esprit 360 & 420 Awnings, really look nice and are some of the easiest and most reliable Air frame awnings on the market.

The Optional Annexe is a Multi-purpose tall annexe that is supplied complete with an inner tent and can be zipped onto either end of the awning also available as an option is the Roof Liner which helps regulate temperature and minimise condensation.

What the manufacturer says:-

“Incredibly flexible living space”

The Outdoor Revolution “Esprit 360” is an excellent 3.6mm wide awning which takes the look and feel of a traditional awning and combines it with the capacity and weight saving benefits of a typical lightweight awning. It is the sixth generation of the famed “Compactalite” range, which has slowly evolved over time to create this incredible air-framed caravan awning with a modernized aesthetic. It is packed with a wide range of unique and innovative features, combined with the quickest and easiest inflation system on the market, making it a must-have for traditional caravanners. It is best suited to couples or families and can sleep up to four people with the optional “Tall Annexe”.

The 600 High-Density oxford weave material gives the look and feel of a traditional awning whilst maintaining all of the benefits of Outdoor Revolutions’ signature lightweight awnings. The special construction weave gives the look and feel of canvas, however, with the outstanding performance of this modern, technologically advanced fabric. The material also supports subtle, deep colouring to create a sense of refined elegance.

The exclusive Oxygen Air-Frame is the easiest and neatest inflation system on the market, with no ugly adjoining pipes or taps, spoiling the immaculate lines of our beautiful designs. The frame consists of a total of Three Single Oxygen Air-Frame Tubes and Two Velcro Roof Support Tubes to retain optimal stability of the awning during poorer weather conditions. The Oxygen Air Frame incorporates the Dynamic Speed Valve and the patented Intelligent Frame Relief Valve. Inflation is an incredibly fast process with the dual-action pump provided and deflation is simply the push of a button. We are the only awning manufacturer to use the Relief Valve; this prevents damage to the tube by expelling any excess air, which can be caused by either over-inflation or increases in the ambient temperature. The valves are discretely concealed by a velcro cover for a neater overall look.

The fabric is exceptionally water-resistant and as a result of this, water will simply bead on the surface and roll off.

The light-coloured roof material maintains a comfortable temperature inside the awning whilst the fully-removable Draught Skirt and the Heavy Duty PVC Draught Exclusion help to trap warmth inside the product throughout harsher temperatures/climates. The front panels of the awning can be zipped halfway to create a veranda window or even zipped out completely and rolled away.

Windows are tinted to reduce the glare and UV rays from the sun, creating the most comfortable and enjoyable experience for the user. All windows and doors have integrated Zip-In Curtains which can be rolled back during the day or zipped in for complete privacy during the night.

There are conical mesh vents which help to combat condensation by improving air circulation. The side doors also have a mesh fly screen to keep the insects out whilst optimising air flow at the same time. All of the mesh is crafted using Outdoor Revolution’s innovative Phoenix Mesh; an assisted-healing ‘smart’ material that has the structurally incorporated ability to repair ‘snag’ damage caused by usage over time. We have taken the inspiration from biological systems, which have the ability to heal after being injured. Simply manipulated, the mesh will return to its original form.

The awning comes complete with two clip on Storm Straps and a Pro Peg Pack, plus has a wide range of fantastic optional extras. The “Tall Annexe” can be attached to either side of the awning (or both at the same time if necessary) and you can also purchase a fully-fitted, Breathable Carpet for maximised comfort. Additional tubes can also be purchased; these can function as either veranda bars or to further tension the roof.

This awning comes in two different sizes, the “Esprit 360” and a three panelled “Esprit 420”, which is ideal for slightly larger families.

The awning comes with a one year guarantee and the oxygen air-frame tubes come with an exclusive lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing faults.



    • 600HD Fabric.
    • Single Oxygen Air Frame Tube.
    • Single Velcro In Roof Support Tube.
    • Dynamic Speed Valve.
    • Intelligent Frame Relief Valve.
    • Lifetime Guarantee on the Tubes.
    • Tinted Windows.
    • Plain Zip-In Curtains.
    • Phoenix Mesh Doors.
    • Heavy Duty PVC Draught Exclusion.
    • Draught Skirt Included.
    • Two Reflective Endurance Storm Straps.



  • WIDTH - 360CM
  • DEPTH - 300CM
  • HEIGHT RANGE - 235-250CM

Optional Extras

  • Signature Treadlite - TRE17320
  • Tall Annexe - OR17330
  • Esprit 360 Tube Kit - OR17322
  • Rear Pad Poles - POL220
  • Jet Stream Electric Pump - OR17010
  • Esprit 360 Lounge Liner - OR17323
  • Deluxe Storm Kit - PEG714
  • Super Storm Kit - PEG712




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