Kampa Breathable Trailer Tent/Folding Camper Storage/Winter Cover

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Essential protection for trailer tents/folding campers

Our opinion:-

It is essential to protect trailer tents and folding campers from water ingress as one of the most common problems we come across is damp especially in folding campers which are constructed like caravans and suffer the same damp issues. There is also the canvas that needs to be kept clean and dry to ensure long life and protect from rot. The covers extend down below the existing transit covers to protect the bodywork from water ingress and are also breathable to protect against condensation.
We would recommend using a breathable cover over the top of the existing transit cover if  you store your trailer tent/Folding Camper Outside. If you store your Trailer tent/Folding Camper Inside in a dry well ventilated garage we would advise removing the transit cover and just using one of these Breathable covers.
Please Note these covers are not intended to be completely waterproof.

Manufacturer says:-


Kampa folding camper and trailer tent covers are universal and designed to fit most designs at a competitive price whilst not sacrificing on the extra protection provided by these quality covers.  They are a proven product and we are proud to say that over the last six years, they have been tested to the limit to ensure that they are the best available.

  • Triple SFS Material beads water on contact ensuring maximum resistance to rainfall and snow
  • 3 layer construction. Outer layer - soft yet durable, reflects the suns harmful UV rays. Middle layer - Incorporates a micropore breathable film allows water vapour to escape yet prevents rainfall from penetrating. Inner layer - soft and non abrasive to prevent any scratching
  • Tough interlocking seams
  • Soft and lightweight - does not scratch
  • Hold down straps included
  • Elasticated hem

6 Sizes Available

Trailer Tent - Universal Trailer tent cover for Trailer Tents up to a max size of 270cm x 162cm

Trailer Tent - Conway,Cabanon, Sunncamp Trailer Tents without kitchen

Trailer Tent - Conway,Cabanon, Sunncamp Trailer Tents with kitchen

 Folding Camper Small fits Pennine Fiesta/Conway Countryman

Folding Camper Medium fits Pennine Sterling, Conway Continental, Conway Cruiser (pre 2007)

Folding Camper Large fits Conway Crusader, Pennine Pathfinder, Conway Cruiser (2008 onwards)

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