Floë Automated Induratec 868 240V Draindown Kit for Static Caravans

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  • Floë Automated Induratec 868 240V Draindown Kit for Static Caravans
  • Floë Automated Induratec 868 240V Draindown Kit for Static Caravans
  • Floë Automated Induratec 868 240V Draindown Kit for Static Caravans
  • Floë Automated Induratec 868 240V Draindown Kit for Static Caravans
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Floë Induratec 868 240V Drainage System

Semi Automated Water Drain-down kit for Static Caravans, Chalet/Lodge Homes or Holiday Homes
Saves £££££ on Frost Damage & Drain-down Costs as well as Helping maintain water quality- protecting your health.

 Our Opinion:-

The average price for an engineer or a holiday park to drain down your caravan for the winter can be several hundred pounds, so you can save lots of money by doing yourself. As well as the savings you will get by avoiding frost damage to your valuable Holiday Home, you also have the convenience of being able to use your Holiday Home in the winter, knowing you can quickly drain down again. Add in the potential health benefits of ensuring impurities,as well as stale and stagnant water are removed whenever you use Floe.

The Floë Induratec 868 Integrated Water Drain-Down System is a big step up from the basic Floe Static caravan kit. But It is easy to fit and is supplied with all the components you will need and makes the job of draining down semi automated, due to the inbuilt compressor. There is also an excellent DVD explaining not only the fitting and use of the kit, but also giving useful tips to completely winterise and protect your holiday home.

The Floë Induratec 868 Integrated Water Drain-Down System features a built in 230v compressor. So to drain down your Holiday home, you simply turn off your water stop tap, making sure your boiler and any other appliances that use water i.e. washing machines are also turned off.

Then plug in the Floë Induratec 868 Integrated Water Drain-Down System and switch it on. The Built in Compressor will automatically pressurise the water system to a preset pressure, and switch itself off. You then simply open up one of the cold or hot taps. The air pressure in the pipes will push the water through the tap. Once the water has stopped coming out of the tap, simply close the tap. The Compressor will automaticity re-pressurise the water pipes, you then repeat this process for all the water outlets, hot and cold in your holiday home. Don't forget the Shower, toilet and outside tap..

A big advantage of this system is you are draining down the water outlets using the correct direction of flow, so any outlets, like shower heads, and outside taps with non return valves will drain down. There is no dismantling of any pipework or taps so if you do want to use your Holiday Home over the winter, it is simply a case of turning on the water. Remembering to drain down when you leave.

A Big feature of the Floe system that we do not think is featured enough is the way it also removes impurities,as well as
stale and stagnant water trapped inside the system, improving the water quality and reducing the health risks from poor water quality. We recommend that the kit is used throughout the year especially if the Holiday Home has not been used for a period of time.

Floe kits remove all the water and 99% of any bacteria and biological impurities from your caravan's water system. Used regularly during the summer months, it is the ideal solution to keep your system clean and water tasting fresh.

Not a small outlay, but given the cost savings by not having to pay to have your holiday home drained down, the improved water quality and convenience of being able to use your holiday home over the winter it will soon repay its cost.

If you don't want to pay out for this kit we also sell the basic Floe static Caravan Kit.

What the Manufacturer says:-

Floë Induratec 868 Integrated Water Drain-Down System, is the latest offering from APT Innovations Ltd.

It is suitable for draining down and winterising a static caravan, park home, lodge, wooden cabin, bricks and mortar homes and holiday homes in approximately 4 minutes. This takes the worry out of when to drain coming into autumn and also enables you to drain your own property, other water devices and garden irrigation without having to pay anyone to do it for you, while allowing you the benefit of using your property throughout the winter months, draining when and as often as you like before you leave.

In addition, Floë will clean the inside of the pipes of Biofilm algae build-up to 99.95%. Plus, it will cleanse the inside of the boiler, extending the life expectancy of the heat exchanger indefinitely, while saving you 15% on fuel.

Floë is easily and permanently fitted to the property, so the only thing the owner needs to do is, turn off the mains water supply, switch Floë on and then start opening and draining taps (faucets), showers and toilets. Everything is now operated from the inside the property, comfortably in the warmth. With its own PCB brain and clever compressor, Floe will automatically stop at the correct pressure and restart automatically after each outlet is drained. Better yet, Floë has been carefully designed to be able to be removed again without trace, so should you change your property, you are free to take Floë with you.

For the first time in the Leisure Industry, aside from security systems, you are now guaranteed reduced insurance premiums, if you fit and use Floë Induratec. Details of our Insurance affiliates can be found on the Floe website.


  • Weight: 1160gms

  • Dimensions: 20x17x6cms

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