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Duke of Edinburgh Recommended Kit

 Our opinion:-

 Weight is an essential consideration when packing your rucksack, but if there is one piece of equipment that is worth just a little extra weight it has to be a self inflating mat. They are far more comfortable to sleep on than a basic foam mat. Generally when choosing a Self inflating mat for trekking, you only need a 3/4 length mat to help with the pack size and weight.

 The Trek mat range from Vango are a compromise of weight and price.

 Unlike Air beds which you need to inflate with a pump and which are then full of Cold Air and leave you wobbling around as you move, self-inflating mattresses have an internal core of foam. This not only helps to insulate the mattress; it is also makes the mattresses self-inflate. When unpacked you simply open a valve on the mattress and the foam will want to expand, drawing air into the mattress until the foam has expanded. Once this has happened you simply close the valve and you have a comfortable sleeping surface. Because they have a foam core you only need a mattress of a few centimetres depth to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

 Caring for your Self-Inflating Mat

   When you receive your Self-Inflating mat it is important that you open it and inflate it as soon as possible. The mat has been tightly packed since manufacture and the 1st time you inflate it may take longer to self-inflate. We advise you open the mat out on a flat surface and open the valve, then leave the mat for at least 1/2Hr to inflate, because it has been compressed for some time the foam inside the mat needs time to expand. If it is still slow to inflate you can gently blow some air in with your mouth DO NOT breath hard JUST a few short puffs and make sure not to over inflate, (it’s not an air-bed, no air should be trying to escape through the valve). Once the mat has inflated close the valve and leave the mat inflated on a flat surface for at least 24hrs. Your Self-Inflating mat is now ready to use. To compress just open the valve and roll the mat up from the opposite end to the valve. It is recommended that you store the mat inflated when not in use. Hope this is helpful.

What the manufacturer says:-

 The Trek mat is the perfect sleeping mat for when durability and strength are of great importance. Its small pack size and light weight makes it suitable for all campers.


• 3cm diamond cut foam

• PVC diamond ripstop top

• Non-slip PVC polyester base

• Repair Kit included

• Stuffsac included

 Trek Mat Standard:

Dimensions (Length x width x depth): 195 x 60 x 3cm

Weight: 1.25kg

Pack size: 33 x 19cm


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