Coleman FyreStorm® PCS backpacking stove - NEW for 2017

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  • Coleman FyreStorm® PCS backpacking stove - NEW for 2017
  • Coleman FyreStorm® PCS backpacking stove - NEW for 2017
  • Coleman FyreStorm® PCS backpacking stove - NEW for 2017
  • Coleman FyreStorm® PCS backpacking stove - NEW for 2017
  • Coleman FyreStorm® PCS backpacking stove - NEW for 2017
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Our Opinion:-


The Coleman FyreStorm PCS is a Personal Cooking System, and is designed to compete with JetBoil as an integrated one-pot camping stove.

The FyreStorm has its own dedicated 1.3L hard anodised pot with a transparent lid complete with draining holes plus an integrated windshield and a burner that sits directly under the pot, but unlike the JetBoil and similar systems, the FyreStorm PCS has a remote gas-canister linked to the burner by a braided steel covered gas-line rather than one that screws directly onto the burner and sits directly under the pot. This should make it a more stable base as the Burner sits on a large tripod rather than being restricted to the diameter of the Gas Cartridge you are using, although jet Boils and similar stoves usually include a small plastic base you can clip on the bottom of the Gas Canister. But this can get lost and damaged. A separate tripod also allows the FyreStorm PCS to sit lower than traditional PSC-type stoves making it more stable and less fiddly to adjust. The Gas Valve on top of the gas cartridges also makes it easier to adjust the flame and there is also a piezo electric igniter nicely positioned along the braided gas hose, both features help keep your hands away from a potentially hot stove

The  FyreStorm PCS uses a specially designed burner marketed as HyperFlame® and a pre-heater tube that runs through the flame to vaporise fuel more efficiently in cold conditions so the FyreStorm PCS does not need a pot-base heat-exchanger and the screw-together pot and heat-shield sit on the burner rather than being attached to it. This allows standard pots and pans to be used with the FyreStorm PCS, offering more flexibility as a cooking stove.

The FyreStorm PCS uses standard screw fix gas canisters, which a readily available to different makes (Coleman C100, C250 & C500), and they have also introduced Xtreme and Performance Gas cartridges to give better cold weather performance.


The FyreStorm PCS looks well. packs away into its supplied pouch and should give Jet Boil a run for its money. Test results and videos supplied by Coleman claim better performance in windy conditions and the extra stability provided by using a separate gas canister and no need for a fragile flux ring pot, make the FyreStorm PCS worth considering.


What the manufacturer says:-

The Coleman FyreStorm PCS is a high-performance, personal cooking system that benefits from our advanced HyperFlame® burner design. 
Ideal for backpacking or wild camping, the stove features an integrated, 1.3litre pot that sits directly over the burner to ensure fast boil times. The stove offers 360o wind protection thanks to our WindBlock™ system and HyperFlame® downward stepped burner. 
Chrome-plated pan supports and feet are rust resistant and make it easy to ensure the stove is stable on uneven ground. Once your meal is prepared, the pot has a neoprene cover with a handle that is easy to hold without the risk of burns. The pot comes with a secure lid, complete with drinking hole to keep your beverage or food warm. 
 The stove and gas cartridge can be neatly stored inside the cooking pot for protection during storage and transportation. 
 The FyreStrom PCS is compatible with our Xtreme and Performance Gas.
  • Power: 2200W
  • Gas consumption: 158 g/h
  • Boil time: 6min 35sec at 3m/s wind speed, 4min 30sec at 0m/s wind speed
  • Size: 20.4 cm x 13.6 cm pot
  • Features: Unsurpassed cooking performance under wind, thanks to our downstep HyperFlame® burner design, and patented Wind Block™ wind shields. Comes with Piezo and extra long flexible metal hose to allow flexible positioning of the cartridge. 1.3l pot with neoprene sleeve allows storage of stove and one C300 cartridge inside during transport.
  • Weight: 258 g (stove) + 318 g (pot + lid)
  • Fuel source: Coleman® Xtreme Gas & Coleman® Performance Gas
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