Coleman FastPitch™ Air - Valdes 6XL - Blackout Bedrooms -2019 Model

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  • Coleman FastPitch™ Air - Valdes 6XL - Blackout Bedrooms -2019 Model
  • Coleman FastPitch™ Air - Valdes 6XL - Blackout Bedrooms -2019 Model
  • Coleman FastPitch™ Air - Valdes 6XL - Blackout Bedrooms -2019 Model
  • Coleman FastPitch™ Air - Valdes 6XL - Blackout Bedrooms -2019 Model
  • Coleman FastPitch™ Air - Valdes 6XL - Blackout Bedrooms -2019 Model
  • Coleman FastPitch™ Air - Valdes 6XL - Blackout Bedrooms -2019 Model
  • Coleman FastPitch™ Air - Valdes 6XL - Blackout Bedrooms -2019 Model
  • Coleman FastPitch™ Air - Valdes 6XL - Blackout Bedrooms -2019 Model
  • Coleman FastPitch™ Air - Valdes 6XL - Blackout Bedrooms -2019 Model
  • Coleman FastPitch™ Air - Valdes 6XL - Blackout Bedrooms -2019 Model
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Our Opinion:-

Coleman are this years winners of the Camping & Caravanning Clubs Owner Satisfaction award in the Family Tent category. scoring 93% compared to Kampa & Quechua with 89%, Vango, Hi Gear and Outwell with 86%

The Valdes 6XL was also voted Winner Camping Magazine, Editors Choice Awards 2018 Best large Family tent

 Incorporating some exclusive design features that help make the range stand out from other makes on the market.

The biggest feature is Coleman’s New Blackout Bedrooms. Most other manufacturers incorporate a darkened fabric into the inner tents of their tents, that just filter some light out of the bedroom area. Coleman have patented a System that incorporates a totally different type of fabric. This not only totally blocks out 99% of Light but also creates a temperature differential. This is claimed to keep the bedroom 5o cooler during the day and 1o warmer at night. The Blackout Bedroom feature has already won awards and as CAMPING MAGAZINE EDITOR’S CHOICE as the BEST CAMPING INNOVATION of 2016.

  Some models in the Valdes range also feature Coleman’s patented Hinge Door. This was well received in the industry last year. There is no more unzipping and rolling up of fabric. With the Hinged door you simply unzip and open the door like any household door. The door frame is simply made up of a few fibreglass poles that zip in place. The door can be left unzipped during the day to make it easy to access your tent, just open and close like a household door..

Another Coleman Feature that is hardly mentioned is the Zip park feature. The Zips in the bedroom compartments are designed so the zip puller ends up in the same position when the doors are closed. This is a safety feature in case you need to exit the tent in an emergency, you will always know where the zip puller is for a quick escape. This is also at a height so the smaller children can reach it. A simple but important feature.

  With a good air valve system using Coleman’s experience of making inflatable boats, Black out bedrooms, hinged doors and other features that should ensure a comfortable camping experience the Valdes Range is one of our recommendations for this year.

 What the manufacturer says:-

FastPitch™ Air - Tents can easily be inflated, pitched and dismantled in minutes thanks to a revolutionary new Coleman® technology.
 Expertly designed to maximise living space and head height, the Coleman FastPitch™ Air - Tent is effortless to pitch and will be up in minutes.
 Whether you’re heading for a weekend away with the family or going to a festival with a group of friends, this new technology ensures you can rapidly pitch a spacious, full head height tent, with generous living quarters and amazing Blackout Bedroom™ with incredible ease.
For maximum space, luxury and comfort, the FastPitch Air Valdes 6XL delivers on all fronts. This tent is bursting with features and has been designed to make life outdoors as relaxing, convenient and comfortable as possible.
Thanks to the FastPitch Air technology, this spacious family tent can be effortlessly set-up by one person in under 10 minutes. The 3-layer air-poles with high pressure valves are extremely robust and durable, providing stability and protection even in high winds.
The revolutionary BlackOut Bedrooms block out up to 99% of daylight, helping you and your family get a longer, more restful sleep, whatever time you choose to go to bed or get up in the morning. They are also more spacious than the average tent bedroom, comfortably accommodating our larger double airbeds.
The generous living area is bright and airy and provides plenty of space for dining together or storing camping equipment and bags, while the extra-large porch can house a table and chairs, providing the perfect place to relax and watch the world go by.
Heavy rain is no match for the polyester flysheet which has an impressive hydrostatic head of 4500mm, this combined with the tough, integrated polyethylene groundsheet ensures a dry and bug-free interior. 
For convenience, the patented, rigid hinged door makes it quick and easy to come and go from your tent without having to unzip the doors, while the addition of Coleman’s UVGuard with an SPF50 will protect your family from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. 
For peace of mind, the tent’s fabric are also fire retardant and extra security is provided thanks to the zipper stoppers on the tent doors, this ensures that zips are always within easy reach in the event of an emergency, even for children.



  • Capacity: 6 person
  • Rooms: 3
  • Set up: Inflatable
  • Structure: Tunnel
  • Poles: TPU Tube in PE140 Sleeve (Air). Additional Oxford 150D Layer
  • Groundsheet: PE, welded, fully integrated
  • Outer fabric: Polyester PU coated/ Fire retardant
  • Inner fabric: Breathable Polyester Polyester PU coated No-see-um mesh
  • Seams: Taped seams
  • Carry bag: Included, Polyester
  • Pack size: 78 x 58 x 48 cm
  • Weight: 30.5kg
  • Water column: 4500mm
  • Sleeping 8.8m2
  • Living 12.3m2
  • Porch: 8m2

  Feature-Highlights on one view



FastPitch™ Air - up in minutes

 The FastPitch™ Air - Valdes can easily be inflated, pitched and dismantled in minutes thanks to a revolutionary new Coleman® technology.

 • Quick & easy to pitch – can be done by 1 person

 • High pressure valve for simple inflation and deflation

 • Inflatable poles made from strong and durable TPU material, encapsulated in a PE shell

 • Inflatable poles can be easily replaced if damaged


 Step 1: Push in the pin and release. The pin must be in extended position for inflation.

 Step 2: Inflate pole to 7PSI – pump and manometer included.

 Step 3: Replace the cap.


 Step 1: Remove cap.

 Step 2: Push in the pin and release to open the valve. The pin should be retracted for deflation.



  • BLACKOUT BEDROOMS™ - blocks daylight

    Coleman® patent pending Black Out Bedroom™ is a revolutionary new sleep system for campers. Ideal for parents or anyone who is sensitive to daylight. Our patent pending technology blocks up to 99% of daylight penetrating the bedroom - helping you get a longer, more restful sleep!

  • WeatherTec™ 3000/4000 - waterproof system

    A tent’s waterproof properties are measured using a rating called its hydrostatic head. If a tent has a hydrostatic head of 3000/4000mm*, it can hold a 3/4 metre* column of water on its surface before any leaks through.

    The Ministry of Defence UK classifies a hydrostatic head of 800mm as waterproof.
    Coleman® uses polyethylene (PE) groundsheets which are relatively heavy but provide guaranteed water protection. PE groundsheets are ideal for family and active tents where a very light weight and small pack size are not essential.
  • Extra Large Bedrooms

    Coleman patent pending BlackOut Bedrooms™ are designed to be morespacious than the average tent bedroom. Comfortably accommodating our larger double air beds, they offer plenty of space to make your camping trip more enjoyable and helping you get a great night sleep, in the great outdoors!
  • CLIMATE CONTROL - manage the temperature

    Keep your bedroom up to 5°C cooler during the day and up to 1°C warmer during the night **. Coleman® patent pending BlackOut Bedrooms™ helps you to manage the temperature in your bedroom by storing energy from the sun in the surface of the fabric.
  • Fire Retardant - safety first

    The fire retardant characteristic of our material ensures that the fabric will not flare dangerously out of control and will self-extinguish, giving time to escape in the event of an emergency.


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