Coleman CXS+ 200 LED Head Torch - NEW for 2016

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  • Coleman CXS+ 200 LED Head Torch - NEW for 2016
  • Coleman CXS+ 200 LED Head Torch - NEW for 2016
  • Coleman CXS+ 200 LED Head Torch - NEW for 2016
  • Coleman CXS+ 200 LED Head Torch - NEW for 2016
  • Coleman CXS+ 200 LED Head Torch - NEW for 2016
  • Coleman CXS+ 200 LED Head Torch - NEW for 2016
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Our Opinion:-

We have long been fans of Coleman Head Torches.

Mainly because they are one of the few manufacturers that realise the importance of Night Vision. On head torches equipped with a Red LED, to provide low level light for map reading etc, it is important that when you Switch the Light on, the first colour is Red to help maintain your night vision. If you switch on a Light that goes straight to white, your eyes have adjusted to the brighter light and you have lost the ability to see in low light until your eyes readjust.

Coleman also use the best quality LEDs to give a good light output and low power consumption. Ensuring you batteries last longer.

For 2016 there CXO & CXS range of headlights feature Coleman’s patent Pending Battery Lock system. With a normal battery operated Torch, even though the torch is off, there is still a resistance across the battery, which causes it to discharge, hence you take your torch out of the draw, and the battery is flat. With Battery guard, the battery is isolated within the torch with to residual current drain, so should stay charged and last longer when not in use.

Well-made head torches that have all the right features, yet are less expensive than some other well known brands.


Coleman have just been Awarded a Highly Commended in Camping Magazines Editors Choice Awards Best Camping Innovation for Coleman Batterylock as featured on this Headtorch




What the manufacturer says:-

BatteryLock™ technology

After a long period of non-use, you can rest assured when find yourself in need of light, BatteryLock™ has you covered!

Standard electric lights lose battery power over time even when they’re switched off because the battery is never truly disengaged from the electric contacts. With the patent pending Coleman BatteryLock™ technology and a simple twist of the head, battery loss will become a thing of the past.
Simply activate the BatteryLock™ feature and the red band appears: your light is now completely disconnected from the battery compartment and ready for storage.
When the light is on and connections to the batteries are activated, the red BatteryLock™ band disappears and the light is ready for use.

Coleman® REAX™ - light sensor

With innovative Coleman® REAX™ auto-adjusting, light-sensing technology, Coleman® headlamps adapt their own beam pattern to the surrounding environment and needs of the user.
PROXIMITY LIGHTING: When focusing on items at a close proximity, lumens will decrease and the beam will have a flooding effect to increase visibility.
MOBILITY: When on the move, the beam is wide and of medium strength to highlight terrain.
LONG DISTANCE: When looking into the distance, lumens increase stretching the light beam further.
Hold down on/off button for 4 seconds to switch to REAX™ auto adjustment mode.

This auto-adjusting CXS+ 200 LED headlamp features 5 different lighting modes. Equipped with an advanced REAX™ sensor, this practical headlamp also benefits from a comfort tension headband system.

 Designed with light sensing technology, the CXS+ 200 headlamp automatically adapt its beam pattern to the surrounding environment and needs of the wearer. The advanced headlamp also feature Coleman BatteryLock™ technology meaning it is ready to go whenever you are.
  • Light output: 200/20 lumens (max/min)
  • Beam distance: 30/5 meters
  • Runtime: 5/50 hours
  • Batteries: 3 AAA Duracell® included
  • Features: BatteryLock™, REAX™ Auto Adjust
  • IPX level: IPX 4
  • Size: 6.8 x 3.0 x 4.0 cm; headband 60 cm
  • Weight: 114g


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