Campingaz Gas R907 Cylinder - Supplied Empty

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We can only Mail order Empty Gas Cylinders.

We can offer new & Full cylinders and refills in-store only.

Our Opinion:-

The most popular Refillable Gas Cylinder for Camping or Smaller Van Based Motorhome conversions (VW T4/T5/T6 etc). To enable us to send these by mail order you are purchasing a New Empty Air Purged Cylinder. You simply take the cylinder to your local Calor/Campingaz Dealer and Pay the refill cost (usually £34.00 to £38.00) and exchange the Cylinder for a Full one. An empty R907 can cost up to £47.00 from a Bottled gas depot on top of the refill cost.

Yes there are cheaper Gas Cylinders but Campingaz Cylinders are smaller and neater for Camping or Using in small motorhome conversions, where the manufacturer has generally only allowed space for a 907 cylinder. Campingaz Cylinders are also generally available throughout Europe, where a Calor branded or Similar bottled gas cylinders are only available in the UK.

TIP Do not lose the Cap/Carry Handle from your R907. If you take a 907 to be refilled and it is missing the handle most dealers will take the handle from the New cylinder to put on your empty cylinder or will charge you £5 to £10 for a replacement handle.

What the manufacturer says:-

The bigger, heavier cylinders are designed for more prolonged, intensive or regular use. They are fitted with a safety valve and are available in most European countries.

 With the Campingaz cylinder exchange system you can bring your empty cylinder to a Campingaz product dealer in France, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and dozens of other countries and get a full cylinder for the price of just a refill. It's as simple as that.
Intended for regular use or for extended operating time, this cylinder is equipped with a safety valve and can be unscrewed from the appliance when not empty.
It is available and can be exchanged in most European countries.
Contains 2.75 kg Butane when full
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